what is the best nail polish?3 effective nail polish reviews

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By Elena

what is the best nail polish?Let's see the 3 effective nail polish reviews!


Essie Short Shorts

Review by ZoSo: I saw a photo of this on the nail board, and I thought it had silver shimmer. It doesn't. It's a bold hot pink in a creme formula. Very pretty, but not what I was expecting, and I have a lot of NPs nearly identical to it. Gotta be more careful when ordered on the internet... but on the other hand it was only 3.49.

Review by bastet: i love this polish!!
it looks so good with a tan and its just such a nice bright neon pink, so summery and fresh ..LOVE IT!

Review by moth: This is a beautiful, bright, hot pink neon polish. However, with my NW 20 skintone I did detect some coral undertones, but not enough to make it unwearable with my cool toned skin. This applied well with no streaking or clumping. The texture were great and it is well pigmentated giving me full coverage with two coats. As with most neons this dried matte with shined right up with my Revlon CS top coat under SV. This polish wes long wearing lasting about 5 dish doing and cooking days. I purchased this in a mini set so it wasn't too expensive. The packaging was unremarkable. I would definitely purchase this again.

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Essie My Private Cabana

Review by navarre: This is a pretty decent shade. It's a sheer glossy candy pink. It gives enough color to be obviously candy pink but at the same time it's sheer...kind of like a thicker glaze polish. I like it. My Private Cabana is from Essie's spring '05 Cayman Island inspired collection.

Review by misswillow: The person below me describe this color perectly. It is barbie meets a baby pink. It's really pretty if you like pink and only needs a few coats to go opaque. It didn't chip at all for me when I wore it.

Review by blyss: This is a pretty cool pink. Essie does nudes, whites, and pinks like no other company. I really love this color. Three coats and it's opaque.

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China Glaze Reggae to Riches

Review by pinktulip: Love Love Love this, I have had several drugstore brands similar to this color but this is the one I have longed for. This pink/purple irredescent color is absolutely gorgeous! It's changes in the light btwn the pink and purple, I only had to put two coats on and dries very quickly, this is my new fav shade...

Review by kitkat85: i bought this color a year ago and didnt like it. i decided to buy it again and try it out.. omfg. this is a lovely blue base magenta. i applied 4 coats cuz i hate seeing my tips and i can still somewhat see them. it dries in a fair amount of time. i hope this wears better on me than other Cg, most chip within a day, regardless of which b/t coat i use. this color can be worn on girls of all color, it's very easy to wear and pull off.

Review by leeyao: I love this color. It's a bright purple-y magenta with a purple-blue flash. It's pretty indoors, but outside in bright sunlight is where it...well...shines. It wasn't the easiest for me to apply. I prefer OPI's PW brush, but I managed okay. Also, I'm about a day in and I have some tip wear. It's not enough for me to take a lippie off, however, because I just adore the color. Plus, at less than 3 (online) it's a great bargain.

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