what is the best nail polish?3 effective nail polish review

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what is the best nail polish?Let's see the 3 effective nail polish review!


Essie Mini Shorts

Review by miss_mac: Mini Shorts is indeed a neon orange, cornea-searing shade. That being said, I absolutely love it! It's a little sheer for my taste (3 coats) but dries lightning-fast so I don't mind applying multiple layers. My only complaint is that, in indoor lighting, this looks like any mundane orange. It has to be seen in proper sunlight for the true vibrancy of this color to show through. Regardless, Mini Shorts is definitely a conversation-starter and as attention-grabbing a nail polish as they come. Would repurchase in an instant!

Review by Jennybear: I'm a lemming for orange polishes the way some people are into green or blue (I still mourn my beloved Nars Cha Cha Cha). This is as orange as they come. We're talking traffic cone orange. It's fantastic. It takes getting used to having such bright toes, but it's a great summer color. I used it with the Rescue Beauty Lounge 3 step and it lasted for 2 weeks with no chips. This goes on matte, so wear a top coat for shine.

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Maybelline Express Finish - Iced Mauve #250

Review by Leelee57: Just picked this up on sale on a whim. I LOVE IT! It's the perfect nude shade for me. I'm on the darker shade of Asian with yellow undertones and this colour is perfect for my skin. It's so simple and understated, I love it. It might be discontinued in AUS though so I might have to do a search around and stock up on this nail polish, I can see it being my 'go to' shade.

Review by Caligirl42990: The previous reviewer described this color nicely as a nude-ish dusty pink. Maybelline considers it part of the "brown" color family. I am a warm ppp, and bright or pastel pinks don't always look good on me. But this color is so pretty. The "iced" shine isn't frosted and doesn't have that pearly finish which can look dated. It is a single color with a nice, elegant shine. I really love this pink. The polish formula is pretty good, goes on smoothly and dries fast. It chips faster than some of the thicker formulas, but not bad. Will definitely repurchase.

Review by Cristy1970: There is not one thing about this polish that is mauve. Not even freaking close. Mauve is a dusty pinky, purple, this is a peachy, sandy nude closer to iced adobe if anything.
That being said, its a very nice color, my favorite nude!
It does go on a bit sheer, so you have to use about three coats. It DOES dry rather quickly. Throw on a coat of SV and you're good to go.

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Creative Nail Design Hotski to Tchotchke

Review by Vaniessa: ihav always loved creative brand nail polish. all the colors by them are amazing, and this is no exception! it's absolutely beautiful, however it can be hard to get it to last , unless applied on acrylic nails. still, the color is way worth it. 4 lout of 5 because it chips too easy, but the color is amazing.

Review by Sybil84: Gorgeous color that any true blue/green polish lover should have in their arsenal. Medium to deep shimmery teal, absolutely gorgeous toe color! I put on two coats of this and slap on some rhinestones for a fun pedi! Would buy again in a heartbeat!

Review by dontblink15: Pretty color. My DH picked it out in a little sample bottle for me to try. Too bad it's not very easy to get a thick coat. Also it chipped in less than 24 hours. I like the color, but I will not repurchase.

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