what is the best nail polish?3 easy to use nail polishs compare

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what is the best nail polish?Let's see the 3 easy to use nail polishs compare!


OPI Sephora by OPI - Already Famous

Review by Graceteix: this is a very pretty polish, and may have been the one which started my nail polish obsession. haha.
anyway it is very pretty silvery- copper colour and it shimmers and glitters under all sorts of different lights.
sometimes it looks blue, sometimes it looks copperish, but it always looks gorgeous, and many people compliment the colour.
it does need to be layered tho, i usually do around 3. which doesn't bother me at all, seeing as how pretty it turns out.
the wear is very good too, i uploaded a picture where i've been wearing it all week, and i wash dishes and cook a lot, and it barely shows. i don't even use a topcoat!! haha
anyway, i highly recommend this colour to all people who love glimmery nails, and who like colours which look a bit antique, if you know what i mean. hehe!

Review by dxgirly: The color is not as described, which is disappointing. It?s listed as ?sheer pewter with medium champagne and silver glitter.? The ?sheer pewter? was really clear and the ?medium champagne and silver glitter? was just a pale gold. Thinking I was getting a pewter/gray-based polish with metallic flecks, I just got gold flecks. I actually found the color annoying. The formula is great (no chips after four days, though the polish at the tips of my nails had worn down), but I won?t buy this color again.

Review by bekkbekk1985: I saw this polish online and had to check it out in person. It's a pretty color, but not for me. It's hard to describe - it's definitely sheer, but can be layered for opacity. I think this makes it more wearable as you can wear several layers or just one coat over another polish. The color is pretty complex, it has bits of taupe and gold and looks gorgeous in the bottle, but on my hands it made my nails look dirty so I left the store empty handed.

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Lippmann Collection Diamonds and Pearls

Review by munchlaxy: A sheer to semi-sheer (with multiple layers) polish of gorgeous milky, pearly, pinky-white with loads and loads of pale pink-gold sparkle. The look is definitely not glittery, but glowy with a slight pink/peach cast. I love wearing it on its own, but it's also very pretty layered over other shades pale shades.

Review by aguskl: It's o'kay, but it doesn't have that glossy finish and it looses its attractiveness within a couple of days. Too dull. I won't repurchase.

Review by kitten75: What a glorious color--kind of like Chanel's "Diamonds" (or whatever it's called) but with gold sparkles instead of silver, and just a tad more milkiness. However, I think something in the Lippmann n/p destroys my nails, because they suddenly start peeling every time I use this, even with a base coat. Too bad as this is gorgeous. I think I'll probably use it as a top coat over something else (with a real top coat on top, of course) in hopes that it won't destroy my nails.

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Chanel Facettes D'or Gold Fiction Nail Colour

Review by lmharte: I LOVE this color! I have not been able to find a shade of gold that can compare, and Chanel's Facettes D'or Gold Fiction is truly GOLD. I've found that most other gold polishes that may LOOK close tend to apply in a streaky/runny consistency and the color always looks cheap. Gold Fiction, on the other hand, definitely has the quality and color to back up that 30 price tag. My only complaint is how quickly/easily it came off! When I had my nails done, the polish came off most of my nails within 2 days. I think I'll try reapplying this one myself and hope for the best.

Review by auth: This is a great colour but not the easiest one to deal with. It doesn't last quite as long as I'd like, and it takes three coats to achieve opacity, which is more than I typically like to use. However, it is a lovely "true gold", close to a frosty creme than sparkly - it is more elegant than glamorous, if that makes sense?
This colour has really come into it's own for me though, with my matte top coat. It looks really timeless and original - try it!

Review by GonnaBeARockStar: Ok well i'm the type that loves having a non natural look to my nails year round, I go from neon bright colors, then to black and then neon bright and really long nails to other looks and I was looking arounf at the Chanel counter and bam i saw this lil puppy i was like, oh k this is totally my style, so i got it and as soon as i got home, I put it on my toe nails and I love the color its really golden on my C4 skintone, well my feet are darker since i wear sandals allll the time, so yeah it stands out alright and that is something i love, I think today Im going to get my fingernails done and use this sucker on them!!! :-)

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