what is the best nail polish?3 best-selling nail polish

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By Vicky

what is the best nail polish?Let's see the 3 best-selling nail polish !


Chanel Lilac Sky

Review by maribebe: In the bottle it looks like a light pinky lilac with shimmer, on it looks completely different. It's more pink and more matte. It goes on smoothly, no streaks or anything. It's a gorgeous color and overall very nice but I find that it kind of peels on my nails, doesn't chip like other Chanel polishes, I find it weird.

Review by GonnaBeARockStar: I have been ogling this colour for months, finally giving in yesterday at the Bay gala event here (got a good sample of Sublimage eye with it). Anyway, I just love this colour. It's really a lilac on me, pinky lilac that just makes my hands look young and tanned. I love the consistency and I like the small brush. The colour is exactly as it looks in the bottle for me. It does need two coats, but that's it. With CD Ridge filler (discontinued) underneath and Seche Vite on top, just fantastic for summer. I was so happy, I went back and bought the matching lipstick. Ah, Chanel, you have won me back!

Review by bklyncowgirl: I Started to grow my nails a few months ago and at the first opportunity I stole my moms Chanel Lilac Sky (210) nail varnish and absolutely LOVE IT!
I have pale skin so i do prefer to use more pastel smooth shades and this colour just begs for compliments I try not to use it so much any more because I don't ever want to be in the situation where i wouldnt be able to re-purchase this product.

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GOSH Holographic

Review by dastac: Beautiful silver linear holo. Similar to Sally Hansen Crystal Ball, but the GOSH is more in your face rainbow and doesn't chip as easily.
Extremely hard to find now, my only complaint is that you only get .35 floz

Review by Capprii: This was bought on impulse because of the VAST number of raves on MUA regarding this polish. (And the fact I have now CPed 7 bottles of this stuff, I had to try it myself!)
Yes, it's BEAUTIFUL. But it chips quick and peels.
It's just about worth the money I paid for it. £5.
The bottle is sturdy like crazy though! I am a collosal clutz and it's survived a flight down some stairs, previously I have noticed cylindrical bottles when dropped often the neck will snap, this didn't. I was impressed and happy I didn't have to get this out of my white carpets.
I would buy it again, simply because of how pretty it is, but I would not buy expecting a long term (or more than 2 day) mani.
I have been able to pull chunks and even half nail full of polish clean off my nails with this baby.
Think of it like fresh cut flowers, beautiful, but very fleeting.

Review by askewchick: I love the effect this polish has, it's definitely something different that I've never experienced before, however the staying power is truly shocking. I apply 3 coats on top of a base coat and it seems to literally rub off of my nails onto anything I touch pretty much immediately after it's dried on my nails.
It is a shame it comes off so quickly but I'm pretty sure if I were to run out of this I would re-purchase it due to the fact I know of no other polishes like it, it's a like it or lump it sort of situation with the amazing effect and the rubbish staying power, and I'd have to like it!

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Orly Cotton Candy

Review by taskeeng: I LOVEEEE this nail polish. This is probably the second nail polish I've ever used in my life that I've worn week after week..I get compliments on it all the time-- even from guys, who usually never notice that type of thing. I'm an NC25 usually, right now I'm pretty tan, so probably an NC35? either way, I bought this back in April? and I've used it non-stop. It's such a gorgeous pink color, it makes your skin look great..tanner, fresher and so on. I'm pretty sure I paid full price for this, but that's okay considering how much I wear it. It's easy to apply, 2 coats normally does the job for me, and it stays put for quite some time. I don't mind the packaging either, I actually like the rubberized top, it helps you grip while you're applying. I would definitely repurchase this.

Review by mashafromrussia: I bought this, and I give one lippie for the color, but this was the first orly nailpolsh i had ever bought. The quality for being a salon polish was terrible. The color had worn down and chipped by the end of the first day! My OPI or Illamasqua polishes would never do that to me. While im sad cuz the color is so beautiful, this will be going back and i will search for a dupe from OPI.

Review by runtagua: This shade is from their Sweet Collection. It is the perfect milky pastel pink for me, but it also applied badly and was hard to layer coats without getting horrible streaks. This pink has some peachy hues to it as well which makes it quite unique too. A bit disappointed really because I generally like Orly polishes.

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