what is the best nail polish?3 best nail polishs

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By Elena

what is the best nail polish?Let's see the 3 best nail polishs !


Zoya Lael

Review by kimberpoo: I got this in a swap and will definitely keep it since it isn't like any other polish I have, including OPI's LPAM which is deeper and inkier than this. In most light, this looks like a true eggplant. In the bottle, it looks brighter and plummier and in some instances can look more plum. It's completely matte, which is a feature I'm not crazy about, but it's still a nice formula and gives great opaque application with two coats. This also doesn't have the blackened effect which so many OPI shades have.

For whatever reason, this shade looks much darker and like that true eggplant I mentioned than it does on rocketqueen. In her pictures, there's a fair amount of red in the shade, but I don't get that when I wear it...

Review by dxgirly: I finally found the perfect vampy purple for me! I'm cool toned and pale and this never looks black on me! It is a wonderful eggplant creme. I only needed two coats. I used Zoya's base coat and Poshe as a top coat. I'm on day two with no tipwear and no chips. I love Zoya polish!

Review by Cordelia: This was my first Zoya purchase (I got a few colors) and I tried this out first. I love it! Goes on nicely, dried to a gorgeous plummy color. I put on the sparkle topcoat over it however, which I wish I hadn't done - I think this color would love much nicer with a clear topcoat. Next time I'll skip the sparkle... but it's a great color. It looks a little dark when not in direct light, but the plum really pops out in sunlight. I uploaded a few pictures to my profile.

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Essie Gladioli

Review by pink_cosmos: I got a bunch of Essie nail polishes on clearance. (My beauty supply is no longer carrying the brand.) This went on without streaking. I applied two coats. Very sheer; slight shimmer and a slightly peachy/pink tone. Nice but not my favorites of the Essies sheers.

Review by pinktulip: I went to the Ulta store meaning to buy Ballet Slippers or Fed Up, based on the good reviews. But I found and purchased Gladioli instead. It appears to be almost the same color as Fed Up (it sits next to Fed Up in the rack), a light pastel pink, but has a hint of shimmer/opalescence that I just love! It had an even, smooth, nonstreaking application. This is my first Essie product and it is great -- lasted over a week with NO touchups, no chipping or wear, even on the ends (used 1 coat of SecheVite top coat and never reapplied). 3 coats of Gladioli was a perfect pastel pink. 1 or 2 coats would be a great French manicure. I think 1 coat would also be great over darker colors like red or burgundy to soften them. I will definitely use this often and repurchase if the time comes (but my nail polish usually lasts for years since I end up purchasing so many colors).

Review by ahappyplace: What a great soft pink! I found this one in search of a perfect year round pedicure color - it's a similar hue to OPI's Pistol Packing Pink but not as pigmented, which is good because the color is buildable. You could definitely use it on hands because the color starts out so sheer. Just a gorgeous pale shell pink! Love.

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Essie Viva la Vespa

Review by beckibabe: A dark purple polish (not maroon, not burgundy) w/ a shiny finish and red microshimmer (though you can't really see it unless you have your hands 2 cm away from your face). Very nice! I marked it as a re-purchase product, since I would if I lost or broke this bottle, but this one should last me a looooooong time. So many pretty colors, so little time...

Review by mielr: This is a shimmery royal purple color. When I look at it, I can't help but think it would be fabulous for Mardis Gras. It looks fantastic against my cool-tone PPP skin. I'd say that if you are a fan of purple, it's a must-have. I tend not to wear purple and feel self-conscious in it. I would wear this occasionally on winter or spring toes. I would consider wearing on my tips for Mardis Gras. Other than that, it wouldn't get much use from me. So, I probably wouldn't buy another bottle. Application was a bit streaky and took 2 coats to even out. All in all, a wonderful color.

Review by Susie31: Viva La Vespa is such a cheery adorable color, great for pedicures! It's a metallic purple, it really does remind me of a shiny purpley Vespa zipping through the streets. The shine on this is incredible, like a metallic ribbon! The application is a bit thin like with some Essies, a little bit streaky but not a problem by the 3rd coat. I'm very happy to have found this polish on Ebay and will guard this one with my life LOL :)

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