what is the best men skin care?3 best men skin care

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By Tifanny

what is the best men skin care?Let's see the 3 best men skin care !


Zirh Fix

Review by IMAproductwhore: This product works great as an on-the-spot acne healing clear gel. I use it on my chest as well on small little red blemished I get. The price is sort of expensive at 34.00 but I guess it's worth it. As far as the packaging, well, it comes in a small tube (about 2oz) and it comes out very easily especially with the very first use, so lighting squeeze the product in your hands the first couple times you use it. I also have the shaving cream from Zirh, great stuff. Would definitely recommend!

Review by DawnD: This cools down skin irritations and helps to get rid of pimples without drying out the zit and skin around it. It is expensive and I will continue to look for something else with a lower price point but until I find that product to replace this one...I'll continue to buy it!

Review by bunnyrabbit: This stuff is pretty amazing. My boyfriend has a lot of products from the Zirh line and I use them when I forget my stuff. One day I woke up at his house with a huge red pimple and he gave me the tube of fix. I put it on before I went to bed and the next morning the pimple was almost gone. No more whitehead, no more redness, the bumb was less than half the size from the previous day and it didn't dry out my skin.
I was amazed. Nothing I ever used worked so good so fast. It's a great spot treatment. I only using on existing pimples, I don't know if it is supposed to prevent acne. It is a bit shiny, but it's fine just to use it before you go to bed.
My only problem with it is that it's a bit pricy.

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RoC Purif AC cleanser

Review by ooliedonna: PLEASE DO NOT USE THIS IF YOU HAVE SENSITIVE REACTIVE SKIN. Skin burned and peeled, never again.

Review by JT14: Expensive but it works for minimizing pores and clearing up problem skin. Then again, I am pairing this with the toner and Tri-cyclen 28 (pill).

Review by amystar: This product is good. It foams upa nd cleanses acne skin well. This is best for an oilier skin because it can be a bit drying. But i do see improvement with blackheads when used in conjunction with the toner.

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Nivea Nivea for Men Sensitive Extra Gentle Face Wash

Review by jules2064: Who would have thought that I would find the ultimate face wash in a mens range???? This product is amazing at removing makeup and makes my skin feel really clean without making it feel dry. I will continue to repurchase.

Review by catlover9_9: I couldn't find the "extra gentle" version in Canada, but I have the Nivea for men sensitive face wash, which is essentially the same thing. First of all, this is one of the best cleansers out there. I was searching for something gentle because I don't like the idea of using something chemical-heavy, and this was the only cleanser I could find in Shoppers Drug Mart that fit my description. It doesn't break me out like Neutrogena did, and it's not really drying. You honestly can't go wrong here.

Review by meeshmu: absolutely LOVE IT. i was horrified when stores in the U.S. stopped carrying the nivea refreshing cleansing gel..e....and then i came across the 'man' version....it is the same consistency(like a jelly) but even more gentle. it takes off all my makeup, and my face never feels dry or irritated. it is absolutely the best facewash ever....FOR THE LADIES! :)

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