what is the best men fragrance?3 best men fragrance

By Christina

what is the best men fragrance?Let's see the 3 best men fragrance !


Rochas Rochas for Men

Review by munchlaxy: I was looking for Lolita Lempicka Au Masculin when I was told that it's been discontinued. I was so disappointed that I turned to the next department store (David Jones), whose salesman was sooooo understanding and helpful! I sampled Angel A-Men and B-Men, both of which I don't like although I love Angel myself. Then he guided me across the street to sample more men's fragrances (he even waited for me and apologised for walking too fast!). He sprayed Rochas and I immediately fell in love! THIS IS IT, I thought, nothing smells so closely to Lolita, and I loveeee sweet smell, never liked any strong 'masculine-touting' smell. Bought it for my bf and I actually like the cone bottle!

Review by Angeline: A fragrance rep. introduced my husband and I to this scent when we were at the Venetian Sephora. I'm horrible at describing scents but this one is very unique and yummy. Has a little vanilla which always does the trick for me! I love that not a lot of people wear it, so it's not old-hat like some CK and Ralph Lauren scents.

Review by lorraine07: To me if this is the one in the round top cone shape, I think it's a great fragrance, both myslef and my b/f wear it, it smell like the Body Shops Shea butter... mmmm so sweet, and lite but stong... soooo yummy!!!!

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Calvin Klein Obsession For Men

Review by Cristy1970: This product makes me wanna fall all over my fiancee everytime I smell it on him. I'ts totally timeless, I think I'll love it forever!

Review by almighty_curv: My stepdad wore this and it was the best out of his whole collection, and believe me, he had enough to fill up the perfume counter in a dept. store! This is very elegant and yes manly, which I love. I loathe the newer scents for men. They're all so tuty-fruity bubbalicious like to me and so immature. Not here! On the right man this just blows me away! I mean, to another planet, it's that good! Perfect for office wear. Perfect for that older man. And older men are sexier anyway! But, it is a bit sweet, so I think it would be a nice winter fragrance. I would probably blow chunks if I sniffed this during the hot summers here in Arizona. No doubt about it!

Review by ahappyplace: I actually get a tad jealous when my DH puts this on to go somewhere without me! LOVE it! He's been working out of state for a while now and left it behind for me...when I miss him the most I spray a little in the air and on his pillow. The best fragrance for men EVER.

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Ralph Lauren Polo Sport

Review by GreeneyedGal: This is my boyfriend's only fragrance. I basically stockpile this when it's on sale.
I love the way it smells on him, and it's got amazing staying power. One spritz is all it takes to make me swoon.
It's not overpowering and doesn't smell like something died on his clothes.

Review by beckibabe: This stuff is awesome! It smells awesome on any guy! And it's just my favorite for any guy to wear!!

Review by Vaniessa: This reminds me of the ocean with lemon trees and mint leaves waving their scent into the air. Definitely a young man in the summer. Clean and fresh and sporty. Not long lasting though. Just like a summer fling.

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