what is the best makeup brushes?3 top makeup brushess

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By Monica

what is the best makeup brushes?Let's see the 3 top makeup brushess !


Japonesque Eye Crease #232

Review by bekkbekk1985: This crease brush is made with squirrel hairs so it feels amazing on my eyelids. It is really easy to blend with this brush and that makes everything a breeze for me. Inexpensive and the quality surpasses my expectations. I have 8 brushes now and I'll continue to add more Japonesque brushes to my collection.

Review by jamelia: I love this brush, it jsut have an amazing quality and applies very easily.

Review by Chloeclover: The BEST and least expensive crease brush I've seen ot own! Better than the Chanel I used to use. I have the full size and the travel size of ALL of Japonesque's brushes and love every one of them except the kabuki - which I used to love until it fell apart. Other than that, you can't go wrong and need few other brushes in your collection besides these!

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Pout Mini Makeup Brush Set

Review by Susie31: Bought this wallet as i was looking for all the brushes in the included but didnt want to pay the hefty price. i've had it for nearly 2 years and after washing it LOADS, it still remains in perfect condition with no shedding. the eyeshadow brush picks up ALOT of colour so its worth it. inexpensive (£35). love the set so much PINK HANDLES!) i went back and bought the full sized socket, airbrush. large eyeshadow and smudge brush. v. good quality!

Review by bossanovaville: Bought this set as my 1st set of makeup brushes and i was looking for something small as well. The brushes are soft and firm, with my favourite being the blusher brush. The eyeliner and lip brushes are pretty much useless to me and it would have been much better should other brushes been included in this mini set instead. So far very slight shedding after usage. Have not washed them yet so i wouldnt know about the condition then. will update again.
overall a nice set to have in a handy and lovely plum coloured case..this comes with a mirror as well and a ribbon to keep the case closed. will repurchase if i cant find a better alternative.

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Sonia Kashuk crease shadow brush (synthetic crease brush)

Review by tippygirl: I have a couple of these crease brushes, they're decent drugstore brand brushes, not too bad on the wallet, and they do their job well.
The crease brush is soft, but also firm enough to do it's job. I find that it blends pretty well, like the large crease brush she has too. I have both the large and small crease brushes, and they both deliver the same. They pick up product pretty well too. It's a good deal if you're looking to save a few bucks definitely. Packaging is easy! Nothing special there. I'm not picky about my packaging, so if you're one of those, well, don't expect too much from this. It's far from fancy.
I would buy it again if I needed to. Always good to have a few crease brushes laying around, and since this is decent in price, it's a good steal. It blends well, doesn't shed on me too bad, and I find that it works just as good as my Mac brushes. Go Target!

Review by dxgirly: I just bought this brush, since I don't have anything similar to it. It's great for applying powder or eyeshadow on your crease and under your eyes. The brush is very dense, yet very soft, it doesn't scratch or hurt my skin around the eyes at all. This seem like pretty good quality for a 10 brush. I don't want to go and buy an expensive brush such as Mac, since I don't wear eyeshadows every single days, so I opted for a cheaper one. Since buying this brush, I'm excited to experiment more with my eyeshadows.

Review by abrilio: This brush is a lot nicer than the crease brush with the white handle. This brush picks up a lot of pigment, could be used above lid and outer corners of the eyes. It's versatile enough to use creme eyeshadows too. Doesn't shed and easy to clean. I would buy again and recommend this brush for anyone on a budget for high quality makeup brushes.

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