what is the best makeup brushes?3 top makeup brushes reviews

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By Marcella

what is the best makeup brushes?Let's see the 3 top makeup brushes reviews!


Trish McEvoy #41

Review by catlover9_9: I love this brush for smudging! The bristles are so soft and do a great job of blending esp. close to the lashline. I own the Bobbi Brown smudge brush as well and love it-but the TM #41 is more precise.

Review by vengland: Trish McEvoy's precision smudge brush is perfect! The bristles have the right amount of stiffness without feeling to rough on my skin. I also love the clear handle.

Review by Loriwong: This really is a fabulous smudger - my 2nd favorite eye brush next to TM's #11. It is a great way to really "smoke" your eye in a professional way.

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Sigma SS182 Kabuki Brush

Review by shelby1123: This is my best kabuki brush (others I possess are Sephora Professional and Jean Paul Gaultier bronzer brush). It is extremely soft and very dense. The body of the brush is more on the pointed side than the wide side, but that's actually good because the brush does not spread to much when pressed against the face. The application of powder products is flawless. The only thing I would object is that it comes with a thin cellophane wrap instead of a firmer plastic one.

Review by didion0312: I bought this because shelling out the money for MAC wasn't feasible at the time. I think I've had it for about 3 months now. I use it to set my foundation and for bronzers. I recently started using for blush after shelling out the money for a hard and scratchy MAC 150 brush that I can't use. I'M SO IN LOVE WITH THIS BRUSH! Im going to order another strictly for blush. I had originally planned on eventually upgrading to all MAC brushes but Why fix something that ain't broken?

Review by miss_mac: I love love love this brush and use it every day with my powder to set my foundation! Works great with pressed or loose powder and applys the product perfectly. I can`t compare it to MAC 182 as I don`t know one but I`m so happy with this Sigma brush I don`t think I`ll ever need to purchase the MAC one! Highly recommended

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Sephora Perfect Ten Brush Set

Review by andij: I really like this brush set. It has everything you would need for a starter set. The angled brush was a little stiffer than I would like. I think if it had a foundation brush, it would be perfect.
Very soft, applies color evenly.

Review by pinkiiish: For under 80, you not only get ten high-quality brushes but a cute little brush roll with a magnetic clasp! The handles are an opaque pink and quite comfortable; the bristles are soft and suited to their specific uses. I absolutely love the set! The range of brushes is perfect without being excessive.

Review by kimby83: My boyfriend bought this for me and I love it. Ordered online and it came with a metallic pink case with a magnetic closure. All the brushes seen high quality, I just wish it came with a foundation brush.

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