what is the best makeup brushes?3 popular makeup brushes reviews

By Helen

what is the best makeup brushes?Let's see the 3 popular makeup brushes reviews!


Essence of Beauty Foundation Brush

Review by fuxxy: Maybe I got a bad one, but mine streaked and made my foundation look like crap. It also smelled terrible! Back to the store it goes.

Review by francesca39: I bought this based on the MUA reviews and am so happy I did. I was using a Prescriptives foundation brush, which worked fine, but I was feeling major guilt from such an expensive purchase (30 USD). That brush was three times the price of this one but I think I actually like this one better. Its about twice the size and applies my foundation better than the Px one.

Review by Vaniessa: I love this concealer brush a whole lot it works great. The foundatin brush leaves streaks behind when used with liquid foundation but it's not that much so u can easily blend it out. The orange foundation brush is actually meant for mineral foundation. I never saw any shedding and i washed it weekly and it never broke. The other foundation brush that just comes in one and with no concealer h(the brown and white one) i love the most. it works great is so soft and hasnt shed once and i have washed it over and over again. However it does get hard if you leave it out without using it with foundation still on it

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Stila #4 Small Eyeshadow Brush

Review by hersheyb: Yep, this brush is great. Such a good size and feel. I got the short handled one so it's very easy to control. It lets you do either a thin line or thick line with the same brush. I've heard it is a must for the Smudge Pots but I haven't tried them yet. I wish it was cheaper, but hey, I wish most things were cheaper.

Review by island_honey: My favorite Stila brush. This review is for the short handled silver version. I love short handled brushes the best, because I find them so much easier to work with, you can really get in there and be close to the mirror. I bought this to use with my Stila smudge pot, but find it has other uses as well. I really like using it wet with e/s to line. It is a fairly unique brush in my opinion you can work with it in a variety of ways and achieve either a super fine or rather thick line. Great investment.

Review by Newme: This was given to me as an RAOK from a lovely MUA'er and I'm very happy with it! It's great to use with gel eyeliners but it's also good for lining with powder eyeshadow. I gave this a four out of five though because no matter how you hold the brush you will always get a relatively thick line, and sometimes I like a much thinner and subtle line - I guess I'll stick to Bobbi Brown's Ultra Fine eyeliner brush for that. Otherwise it's an excellent brush.

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Make Up For Ever EyeShadow Brush - S2

Review by mashafromrussia: This is my favourite brush to use for eyelining with gel liners. It can also be used as a lip liner brush. The sable bristles are so soft and maintain their shape very well with repeated use and washings. Since it is so small, you can really get into the lash liner and the brush is small enough to create precise lines and wings to your eyeliner. I like it much more than angled, straight and arced liner brushes, which seemed too big for my lash line. I would definitely repurchase this if I ever need to.

Review by vengland: MUFE is a really underrated brand. It's a shame, really, because they make some very good stuff. Among them are their MU brushes. The quality is excepcional, and the price is reasonable. This brush cost me around US11. It's a long handled professional brush, made of natural sable hair. The handle is wooden. It has a very tiny and pointy head, perfect for shading on smaller or hard to reach areas. It is so incredibly soft! It is really one of the softest brushes I've ever felt. I think these are a great buy, garanteed to last you a long time!

Review by Cordelia: This is the same as M.A.C #228 (Mini Shader brush) but this one is much smaller!! I find this one better for precise *sp?* application of eyeshadow than M.A.C's.
I find M.A.C to be helpful for smudging eyeliner for a smoky effect more than this one.

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