what is the best makeup brushes?3 good makeup brushes reviews

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By Tifanny

what is the best makeup brushes?Let's see the 3 good makeup brushes reviews!


Pout Foundation Brush

Review by ciarar: Seeing as this was my first and only foundation brush I can't really compare to say MACs 190, but I really do love this brush. Ive had it for years now and still not a single bristle has fallen out !
It applies my foundation (MAC studio fluid spf15 in NC20) without any streaks and makes my face look natural and ethereal. The pink handle is adorably cute and the bristles are a good quality, and seeing as it's quite cheap compared to other foundation brushes I guess I should go get another one!
The only thing that annoys me though is that they seem to collect foundation very easily in the bristles so then I have to clean the brush regularly only to find my sink turning into bits of my MAC NC20 foundation!
I just wish it wouldn't waste that little bit of my foundation, but in general I recommend this brush.

Review by i_darling: This is the best foundation brush hand down. I have tried them all. Trish, Bobbi Brown, Mac, Lancome, Prescriptives. You name I have tried it. I agree with everything the gal below states. Try this brush! You will not be sorry.

Review by labelslut: ~~ This is such a great brush! ~~

I have tried applying my foundation with a MAC 187 and , though I liked the results , I think I preffer this lil' gem of a brush. It applies evenly and is soft and glides your foundation smoothly on your face.

~~ A keeper , HG foundation Brush for me! ~~

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Giorgio Armani Eye Countor Brush

Review by belladoggie00: there is a reason why this brush is 32...because it is the best blender brush ever. so soft and...perfect.
long enough to not add a whole lot of color; not super dense, but not flimsy.
no words to describe how much i love this brush, i think more than the mac 224 which is kind of shocking...

Review by Suzy_h: A nice dense brush w/ a small head. Good for applying all shadows for a single look. It deposits just enough shadow to make the look work.

Review by kitten75: Another rave for Armani brushes. This eye contour brush has high quality hair and design. This is small enough to put the color exactly where you want it - in the crease area. The hair is soft, but dense, so that it really deposits color, which I like. It is also great to blend the color out. Really impressed with this one. 38, and again - worth it.

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Sephora Professional Angle Brush

Review by jenss79: I purchased this brush to use with gel liner. Right now I'm using it with my MAC Fluidline and it's a good combination. The brush is pretty versatile when it comes to the weight of the line and it's easy to use. Good quality, does what it's supposed to.

Review by spitfireseven: This is a review of Sephora's professionnel platinum angle brush #22. I use this as a brow bush. I have the professionel platimun flat eyeline brush for my lining need. This brush is perfect for filling in my small brows. The brush head is small and lets me apply small strokes. The bristles are super soft. I love this brush!

Review by dontblink15: This is for the #15 angled eyeliner brush. This is a bit stiffer than some of my other brushes - which is a good thing for the application. I am using this on powder eyeshadows. Best used for initially pressing the eyeliner into the lashline then gently blending. Though blending is a tad uncomfortable unless I am really gentle. My brush also has a slight curve which fits nicely on the eye - but it's a tad trickier when I try to do my left eye to get everything aligned correctly (probably a reflection of my lack of coordination). A nice brush. Has held up well with regular washing (I wash my brushes with every use).

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