what is the best lipstick?3 top lipsticks brand

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By Fiora

what is the best lipstick?Let's see the 3 top lipsticks brand!


Za Pure Shine Lips

Review by JettNY: High coverage it's the only lipstick I can use without using lip concealer. I use salmon rose but it looks like pink on my lips. I have full lips so I avoid lipgloss, with this lipstick I can skip lipgloss and still get a nice shine.

Review by Olive143: I have this in 'RS1 Salmon Rose' which is a pretty light dusty rose. It is very moisturising, I guess it's from the vitamin E in the product and feels more like a lipgloss when applied. I like the texture though, because it gives me a shiny finish like I have applied a coat of gloss on top. The colour pay-off is pretty decent with two coats, but doesn't last for too long so touch ups are definitely needed. I would repurchase these again as they are moisturising and don't dry out my lips like I feel some lipsticks do, but would try out other colours in the range.

Review by runtagua: I love this lipstick! Very moisturizing and glossy. I don't even have to put any lip balm underneath the lipstick, even for other range that is suppose to be moisturizing i still had to apply lip balm on. A slight fragrance but nothing OTT and i don't even smell anything after putting this on.It's original price is quite hefty for a drugstore brand but when it has discount, i would definitely purchase without any hesitation as it is much much way cheaper! I got this in Lady Red. Nowhere a true red, this is just a reddish pink shade, apply lightly for strawberry bitten look and heavier would look polished up for a formal occasion, very versatile for this shade. I would definitely get this lipstick again but in different shade for a change.

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Chanel Rouge Coco Shine Evasion 48

Review by auth: I have now finally bought Evasion thanks to a big discount! It is a lovely light color that feels very natural on me. Not too pink and not too coral. But for some strange reason it highlights dry lips. The consistency does not feel exactly the same as the color Boy. Boy feels more like a gloss/balm while Evasion more like a real lipstick. Anyway, I really like this lipstick for color's sake. And will definitely buy it again even though my lips have to be super smooth everytime im wearing it.

Review by Newme: I bought it today, I couldn't resist when I swatched évasion in Sephora. This is a perfect formula for me - something between lipstick and lipgloss, very moisturizing and shiny, no glitters. I hate matte lipsticks because my lips are always quite dry, patchy and if the lipstick is not creamy, it looks really chalky no matter if I use a lip balm or not. Also the shade is lovely, it is a perfect peachy/pink colour which suits me best. You cannot expect this to stay on for hours but it's not that bad. Yes, it's expensive (I bought it for 45), but it's Chanel...I love it!

Review by biomechmonster: Just bought it today, and the only thing i can say is "wow". It's so pretty when you apply it to your lips. Very smooth and shining. Makes my lips look very neutral but still shining. The price is high, but still. It's Chanel. And I think the lipstick is worth all the money! I just love it.

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Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Pur Shine 12 Rose Aqua

Review by lmharte: I love the weight and texture of this sheer lipstick. The makeup artist was prepping my face for a night out and had about 3 other things on my lips when she applied this but I could feel the difference right away. Faint watermelon scent and smooth, sheer color, this is a winner. Plus the packaging looks fabulous when you pull it out of your purse! I'll be buying this in more colors.

Review by jlinh2u: Such a gorgeous mauvey pink shade but what were YSL thinking putting purple shimmer in this!!
Nice to wear for a casual evening out though.
Love the formula it is more like lipbalm than lipstick. I want to try more of these! Oh and the packaging is so much fun:)

Review by kimby83: The texture of the lipstick is terrible, it feels like sand going on my lips. Very gritty. Then, it has a strange blueish tone to it. It also has a bit too much sparkle, shimmer for my taste. The color itself is not too bad, if not for the shimmer, gritty texture.
I bought this based on the Charla Krupp recommendation. Chanel Waikiki is a much lovelier lipstick.
**ETA I have been wearing this for a few days and I have changed my mind, it is a nice lipstick. From up close it has a lot of shimmer, but from a distance, it looks very pretty and natural, I am adding lippies. This lipstick looks gorgeous with L'Oreal Colour Riche gloss in Soft Pink.

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