what is the best lipstick?3 recommended lipsticks compare

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what is the best lipstick?Let's see the 3 recommended lipsticks compare!


Hard Candy Kitten

Review by tambien: This lipstick is a great neon red color. It's moistening and feels great on the lips, plus it's got a bit of shine to it--not glitter, but a wet look, as if you covered a matte lipstick with a clear gloss. The problem? It wears off really quickly, plus it migrates outside of the lip line. The colors of Hard Candy lipsticks are great, and the packaging is cute--although, it looks cheap, like children's makeup, in my opinion--but it doesn't have any staying power whatsoever. Even with lipliner, it looks like a hot mess in an hour or so!

Review by CancerianPrincess: This lipstick certainly is an attention-grabber. I agree with the last reviewer-- this is definitely a neon orange-based red, NOT a pinky red. It's definitely worth the price. I agree, not the best formula ever (a bit runny and thin, and the lasting power is laughable), but the color is so gorgeous it's worth constant reapplications.

Review by kjjamm808: Kitten #197: This is a Pinky Red w/sparkle. I wasn't sure I would like it. But it applies very sheer on the lips. The color really doesn't build too much so you can reapply like 6 times and still have the same color. With that being said, I do like this color as an everyday get up and go lippie. I would repurchase if I had to...but don't think I'll need to anytime soon. :) Think of this color as benetint w/glimmer and in lipstick form!

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Victoria's Secret Very Sexy Perfect Lipstick in Sweet Nothing

Review by guitarzan: This is a lovely peachy nude on me. I'm nc42, lsf 8, mufe 153 in HD.
I don't have very pigmented lips and usually have a hard time pulling off nude shades, but I found this to be very flattering and it has a nice creamy finish so I don't need a gloss. It was so cheap at the VS sale and I bought a backup too. Overall it's a great formula. I hope their new line is just as good.

Review by jlinh2u: Sweet nothing is a creamy textured, beige-y, warm nude that would look great with dramatic eye makeup, or with other neutrals for a natural look. It doesn't look particularly exciting in the tube (I'm partial to dark lipsticks) but it was very nice on, and the color lasted surprisingly well on my lips.

Review by dxgirly: This is like, the BEST neutral MLBB I have ever run across and I bought two glosses to layer over it from VS as well: Elegance (sheer pink/berry w/shimmer) and Intimate (sheer peach/pink w/shimmer) and both look great! Excellent texture, holds up way better than the previous VS lipstick formulas. Very mild fragrance, sort of sweet-smelling which is fine with me. HG-type status, for sure! I'll keep buying it as long as they keep making it----a great find and a new cosmetic staple, yay!

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MAC Impassioned (Amplified)

Review by ninanina: LOVE!!!! This is my first MAC lipstick (believe it or not). I love how intense the color is. You don't need to apply coat after coat for the color to properly show up on your lips. I'll be going back to MAC for more lip colors!

Review by glossgal_01: I think all mac lipsticks should be this formula, it is not as drying as the other formulas

Review by maribebe: too fushia for me.I was going to buy it and wore its tester and I couldnt stand the very Im here color.I guess Im more into baby pinks.this color is very vivid.Not for me!I didnt buy it.I'll try it when Im tanned in summer again.

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