what is the best lipstick?3 best-selling lipsticks brand

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what is the best lipstick?Let's see the 3 best-selling lipsticks brand!


Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Volupte Lipstick #8 Fetish Pink

Review by island_honey: First of all, such beautiful packaging. Second of all this lipstick is a really pretty vivid barbie pink. I like the color however, the staying power is horrible on me. I like the colour that first goes on but then it fades into a fuschia stain on my lips. It's also not very hydrating, which is fine. The scent is like a watermelon scent which is nice. Probably won't be buying any of these lipsticks again.

Review by Susie31: I like this lipstick but I don't love it. It's a nice colour when it's on my very pigmented lips, not at all barbie pink on me. I think it's a lipstick I'll wear more during the summer. The smell is also off putting as it has a very strong watermelon flavour. It doesnt't last very long at all on my lips at all, at most I can expect to reapply it very hour and then it starts to build up on my lips. Not worth the money.

Review by cweiss: LOVE this lipstick!! I just dab it on and it is a perfect pink color that lasts forever - absolutely perfect!!

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L'Oreal Endless - Timeless Tawny

Review by nechama22: This is an outstanding lipstick. This may not last the full 8 hours it claims but it lasts longer than any of my other lipsticks. I use this when I am going for a warm glowy sort of look! Reallly a fantastic color!

Review by shopgirl087: I have such a hard time with the 'nude lip'. Nudes usually have something too ashey, or pink, or pale. This color strikes the perfect balance. I like the shimmery effect. I also like the smell. More like perfume than lipstick which I find more sophisticated than the cloying fruit/coconut/candy smells so prevalent out there. This one is a great grab, swipe, smear and go. I wish all my make-up could be like this.

Review by shimmering: This is a pretty brownish color, great for fall. I don't have MAC Pro Longwear lipstick in Sweet Ever After, but that is supposedly very similar.
As people have said the smell is AWFUL! I usually don't mind stuff like that too much but this is just horrible- every time I open it I am reminded why I don't really wear it much.
It wears well, but not 8 hours.
I don't think there is anything too special about this lipstick, it's average. I wouldn't repurchase, and that's a good thing since it's discontinued.

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Lipstick Queen in Saint Pink

Review by Bonnie2842: A neutral pink and very sheer! Too sheer for me! However, like LQ's other lipsticks, it applies like butter. The moisture does not sink into my skin but rather sits on top. I can feel that I am wearing lipstick but when I look in the mirror with this color I don't see any color!
When I first apply it I spend almost a minute to rub it onto my lips. The pink is beautiful MLBB. I just wish it was a tad darker - if it were I would repurchase. Maybe when my tan fades I'll try this out again. Until then I'll put it away until I rediscover it in my lipstick stash. I have learned I much prefer the Sinner line of colors- they are still sheer but a tad bit more pigment.

Review by catlover9_9: This cool light pink shade is darker than ballet slippers, and goes on my lips as a pinky nude. (I'm pale.) It's pretty, but looks just a little too pink. It doesn't scream "I'm wearing light pink lipstick!", but it does raise its voice a bit. I prefer Saint Natural.
Edited to add: I first tried this in the summer, when I had a slight tan. Now that I'm back to my usual pale self, I'm finding this to be a very useful, versatile, natural-looking pink lipstick that I actually prefer to Saint Natural, so I am adding one lippie to make it a 5.

Review by i_darling: I wanted to try Lipstick Queen, but it's not available in my area. I went all in and ordered the "Heaven Sent" set from QVC, which has the Saints Pink, Rose, and Nude. I really like the sheer color, tube, and complete lack of shimmer in this line. I also appreciate there isn't any discernible scent. I think Saint Pink is my favorite of the bunch. It's a very natural yet extremely polished look. I actually prefer just one swipe for a hint of color; it looks better then when I build up the color. When the gloss leaves, the color stays -- and again, it's a very natural look.

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