what is the best lipstick?3 best lipstick brand

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what is the best lipstick?Let's see the 3 best lipstick brand!


Victoria's Secret Heid Klum Exotic Jewels in Exotic Spice

Review by ZoSo: This is my first experience with a lipstick from Victoria's Secret. I purchased the Exotic Spice color from the Heidi Klum Exotic Jewels line because in the pictures online it looked like a plummy nude color but what I got was a nude color with no plum. I like this color though as it looks nice with a smoky eye and it is great for everyday wear. The only real issue I have is that is goes on in a creamy but thin way if that makes any sense. It is soft and creamy but more sheer than what I expected. It looks best with a lip liner on me because my lips are rather pigmented and the liner gives it a better nude base so my pink lips aren't showing through so much. Lasting power is okay and though I marked that I would buy it again I am not really sure that I would, I'm still on the fence about it. I gave it a four for the pretty color and wearablilty with different looks.

Review by shopgirl087: This is a nice product, it is the first lipstick I have ever bought from VS so I cant compare it to another one from their line, the color is a nice nudey color, it looks good on my NC40 skintone, well I think so, the one thing that gets me is the fact that the scent is pretty strong, it does smell nice, but its very strong well for me atleast. The staying power is ok but I have other product that last longer, but thats not really an issue, I usually wear Wet lipgloss over it, and I think they make a great combination, I might buy this again if I cant find another ls that gives me that nude look, without that strong scent.

Review by fitnessa: The packaging is stunning. The texture is so creamy and feels great. It smells and tastes chocolately. It is very natural, a beige with brown and pink tones. You can wear this color anywhere if you want that natural yet polished look. It's the creamiest, smoothest lipstick I have ever tried.

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Chanel Hydrabase #22 India

Review by dxgirly: Nice medium rose color with a slightly pink hue. Thankfully, the scent from the hydrabase isn't too heavy, (whereas sister lipstick Bengal has a very heavy scent and should be avoided by migraine sufferers). Great lipstick, so sad they raised the price to 23. Long lasting wear and great coverage. And it matches the nail polish of the same name perfectly.

Review by edie4711: India is a gorgeous medium rose pink red shade. I love Hydrabase formula too. Its so creamy. Plus I find this lipstick stains to a nice berry tint. Its beautiful for spring.

Review by kerroppifreak: This is the first Hydrabase lipstick that I have tried and I'm thoroughly impressed. India is a gorgeous rosy pink. One coat gives you perfect color coverage that lasts for most of the day. It feels very light on, although the color itself is quite rich.

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Clinique Color Surge Butter Shine Raspberry RUsh

Review by GreeneyedGal: My first butter shine lipstick. Been looking for a lipstick that would math my Mac sheertone blush "Hushabye" to complete my fall/winter look. Finally found it. It gave berry colour on my lip, not too pink. Easy to put on. The colour shows through, which is great because my lips have lot of colour in it. Go well with my dark hair and dark eyes.

Review by pinktulip: Another very pretty color, similar to the ones I've reviewed recently. It's a brightish, berry/pink that may be fuschia on some, but a nice berry on me. It's dark, so you need a mirror to apply. Very similar to NARS Gipsy lipstick if you are familiar with that. I wish it was shinier though.

Review by moth: Its pretty much pinkish metallic.. couldn't get this to work on me and looked tacky. Looked too bright. Doesn't stay on too long.

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