what is the best lip treatment?3 top lip treatments

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By Tifanny

what is the best lip treatment?Let's see the 3 top lip treatments !


Palmers Dark Chocolate & Cherry Lip Butter

Review by kitkat85: Love this product, it smells like real chocolate, I'm addicted to the scent. Its a standard lip balm that contains mostly Petroleum jelly which traps moisture in. I don't mind petrolatum in lip products but avoid in lotions and anything else.
I liked that it came in a tube dispenser being more hygenic than jars. I don't buy lip products that come in a jar no matter how good the reviews are, i just hate sticking my finger into product and contaminating it. I also don't care for the trouble of washing my hands everytime I use it.
I love the glossy look and uses this in place of lip glosses. I'll use this over tinted lip balms like burts bee lip shimmers or korres tinted lip butter.

Review by Sybil84: I'm in heaven. Not only does this work better than any other lip balm I've tried but the flavour is gorgeous. The texture is the best- sensua and ratherl slippery. Leaves a perfect sheen. Wonderful. Wonderful. Wonderful. Holy HG!

Review by coolRED: Bought this yesterday. I have very dry lips and this did help but I sort of find it greasy or too slippery for my taste. It doesn't absorb well on my lips. It feels like it's sitting on top of it and generally feels oily. Also, when I layered this on top of my lipstick it tasted bitter after a while. That never happened to any lip balms that I have used.

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Cover Girl NatureLuxe lip balm in Marble

Review by Erin: I'm not much of a lipstick wearer but I do love my lip balms. I'm always on the lookout for a new balm with a bit of color, so I was really drawn to these. There is a large color selection, although many of them seem quite close. I got this in Marble which is a bright coral-tinged pink. This has a great smooth feel going on, and a light, fruity scent/taste. The color, as everyone else has mentioned, is very sheer. I got just a hint of what it looked like in the tube, but very pretty nonetheless, with just enough shine. I took a lippie off for price, because for around 7 I would have liked to get more product. And another off because the staying power is not great. I had to reapply quite often to maintain the color and feel. The effect of this was so pretty I imagine I will break down and try another shade. I just wish the prettiness lasted!

Review by bklyncowgirl: I got this in the Anemone. It looks scary bright in the package, but it goes on so beautifully. It is like a pretty flush of red but not too obnoxious. LOVE IT.

Review by misswillow: This particular colour doesn't get rave reviews from me however I do love the product. I would love to try this in so many more shades! Marble is just too sheer. Swatched on the back of my hand all you can see is a bit if a sheen. It is moisturizing and smooth and I love it for that. I will gladly finish up the tube and will be repurchasing, just in different shades!

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Crabtree & Evelyn Lip Conditioner with SPF15

Review by angelchan: SO sad that Crabtree is discontinuing their skincare line. I like this lip conditioner bc of the PSF, but it is also great to treat chapped lips. It seems to "fill" in any cracks in your lips and is a lifesaver during the winter months. Even though the conditioner is clear it seems to give your lips a nice rosy glow, oh well, I guess it's all in my imagination.

Review by roxiblue: I am loving this! Its ingredients are almost identical to Prada's Clear Balm, so if you like it, you'll like this. And, you get a .5oz tube that will last forever for 15. The only difference is that this has a scent. It smells just like VS's discontinued Tropical Nectar to me. Or maybe BBW Tahiti Sweetie...Whatever it is, it doesn't bother me. Very moisturizing, stays put, beautiful, non-shiny sheen.

Review by ZoSo: This stuff is a super moisturizing balm with a high spf. A+. Heals and protects chapped lips and gives them a soft shine. I'm always afraid I've lost it because I take it everywhere with me!

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