what is the best lip treatment?3 top lip treatment

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By Stella

what is the best lip treatment?Let's see the 3 top lip treatment !


Mary Kay Triple Action Lip Enhancer

Review by taurusgurl5984: First step ? I use this cream to exfoliate/scrub my lips, then I remove all dead skin and put another coat of enhancer. My lips are so soft, defined and may be even a little plumped after that. I agree that liner/lipstick/gloss stays longer if set on top of MK cream.

Review by ahappyplace: I don't wear lipstick very often, but when I do, I am ever so glad that I have my Triple Action Lip Enhancer to keep it looking great! It is costly, but it lasts for a very long time because the tiniest amount will do. Even daily without lipstick I wear it as a kind of super lip balm, making sure to kind of put it over my lip line a bit because it can help moisturize and prevent the small wrinkles that can develop there.

Review by beckibabe: Another MK product I keep coming back to. Very nice lipstick base and works on its own as a "chapstick".

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E.L.F. Vanilla Therapeutic Conditioning Balm

Review by dxgirly: LOVE LOVE LOVE. its awsome. super great texture, creamy and thick but it still glides on. it does slightly tint your lips white-ish. i just put on a thin coat (its still super moisturizing) and then put on a touch of colored gloss or lip stick if im going out. I bought five of these in my last order from ELF. at one dolar it is totally worth it. i definetly recommed you get multiple. try it. you will fall in love.

Review by kitkat85: I like the actual balm of this it makes my lips feel super soft and nice BUT it makes them look kind of gray-ish... so that's a downside but I do use it almost every night

Review by navarre: This lip balm is absolutely AMAZING. I asked for it for Christmas (along with a few other e.l.f. products) because I was running out on lip balm. For 1 I thought I would test it out. After using it once I decided that it is the best lip balm I have ever used. (And believe me, I have tried a LOT!) It leaves my lips feeling uber smooth, which a lot of lip balms don't. I don't see cracks on my lips like I used to, and it smells great. I will definitely buy all of them next chance I get! (:

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MAC Lip Conditioner

Review by tambien: I just picked this up the other day since I don't have any balms *I know, kinda crazy!*
I really like it. My lips had gotten pretty dried out so I needed something and I was at MAC. I was going to get the one in the tube but my favorite MUA pointed me towards this one instead.
I like the way it feels and it smells nice. I like the way it makes my lips look as well, just all on its own. It is of course great for conditioning the lips and prepping them for lipstick and the like.
I have this with me all the time, I really like it. I would buy it again!

Review by drusilladru: I love to use this as a lipstick alternative!!! I wear the tinted ones when I just don't want to deal with lipstick.

Review by lorrainer07: Can't believe I haven't reviewed this yet!!
MAC lip conditioner in the pot is undoubtedly, my HG lip balm. It doesn't irritate my lips, lasts and moisturizes, I go into withdrawal without it - I have at least 2 at anyone time. One for my bedroom and one for travelling. As indispensible as my TBS hemp hand cream.
I love the packaging, simple and solid. There is a slight vanilla scent, I find soothing and pleasant after all these years.
I wear this as a base for lipgloss or lipstick but do not use it as a gloss or mix it to create new products like some of the more creative ladies on MUA.
I don't think I'll try the tinted versions simply because I have a ton of glosses already, and besides, I like that I can put the clear one on without a mirror - and this could be dangerous with petting pink...

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