what is the best lip products?3 recommended lip productss

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By Monica

what is the best lip products?Let's see the 3 recommended lip productss !


MAC Lustre lipstick in Lovelorn

Review by taskeeng: I recently found this lipstick and I'm in love. I was in search of the perfect baby pink for my wedding day. I found this! I love the lustre because it has a glossy finish but it is not shimmery (didn't want that for the photos). It's a lovely light pink, very girly...I would imagine it would look great on almost anyone. I consider this pink a staple! It's subtle yet bright for a light pink. This one will stick around in my collection forever.

Review by kimberpoo: A cute pink lipstick. Gives lips a believable pink sheen. I have NW20 skin and this is a cute color on me. Pretty boring of a color, but no complaints-- sometimes you need a normal color, not a "wow" color...

Review by didion0312: Bought this lipstick because of the reviews here. It's a very wearable day shade. Staying power is not too good. This is my least favorite in all my MAC lipsticks. What I don't like about it, is that it broke at the base and seems to be melting. Maybe because I've been putting on much so that I would get much color and won't fade. I have this for 3 months now.

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Fusion Beauty LipFusion Lip Plump Color Shine - Kiss

Review by cosmokid: I wore the lightest pink shade of lipfusion in a sample size in the past and liked it but didn't think it added much color to my lips and looked mostly clear on so I decided to try Kiss. Like the other shade Kiss plumps my lips and the color makes for a very beautiful in the package product but once applied it looks all wrong on me. Something about the bright pink/gold mix on my naturally red lips and with my fair/medium skin tone just doesn't look that great. I do think this color might be very pretty on women with darker skin tones or maybe women who have lips with very little natural color.

Review by ckgurl714: i love the plumping and moisturizing effects of this and it works really well if you use it with the lip fusion xl at night like they say. the color is a little bit bright compared to what im used to...but i still really like it...and i dont get the dirt refrence...smells a little minty to me..and i dont get a bad taste..

Review by vengland: I found this little gem at TJ Maxx. It is really pink. It is the perfect Barbie pink lipgloss. The plumping bit of the gloss doesn't seem to effect my lips much, but they never do. This gloss isn't really sticky, which I LOVE. Great by itself, or layering.

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Almay Stay Smooth Anti-Chap Lipcolor

Review by kat_25: This was my absolute favourite lipstick and I'm heartbroken Almay discontinued the line. I rarely buy the same product twice but I bought this lipstick in "Healthy" all the time. It was a dark, sophisticated pink that looked great with my pale complexion and red hair. I wish Almay would reconsider this one!

Review by spitfireseven: I have this l/s in "sunset" and I adore it. I'm an NC30 brunette with brown eyes and this is one of my no-brainer colours. I'd describe it as a reddish rosey colour. I got this in a swap and was hesitant to try because the swatch on the bottom looked an orangey-red, but when I put this on my lips, my whole face looks more alive. It's not the most moisturizing thing ever, but I only really expect that of my lip balms :) I love love love this colour and recommend it to anyone with similar colouring. It's not a ylbb, but it's definitely a suits-your-face-to-a-t.

Review by DawnD: I also found this at my local Big lots for the huge price of 50 cents!I have it in Glisten, which is a pretty brownish-bronze color.I really like this product!My only improvement would be an applicator that would remove the excess product but I blot it off with a tissue and apply.Too bad they discontinued this but there is hope they may reintroduce it at some point in time!

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