what is the best lip liner?3 good lip liner

By Elena

what is the best lip liner?Let's see the 3 good lip liner !


Pout 32A

Review by Bethany09: i really like the 32a liner. (all their liners are named after bra sizes). It is the liner version of mac freckletone. i'm in love. well, we'll see. But this is so pretty, a perfect brown based warm milky buff based on peach. it's around the shade (not hue, which is the actual color), of subculture, and is like a mix between that and stripdown. Perfect for underneath Nibble of Nuts l/g. The texture is super creamy. So basically, if you like stripdown, chances are you'll really like this. If you have pigmented lips and can or prefer warm colours, you'll like this alot. (it covers them perfectly). if you like freckletone l/s, you'll like it. Also, adorable pink packaging. :) . and 12 is a good price.

Review by tetrakis: I absolutely LOVE this lipliner. I have pigmented lips, and for the longest time, I couldn't figure out why lipglosses won't show up on me, just the shimmer! And then I discovered freckletone ls. Now, the perfect lip liner!! This is a pale nude color that is lighter, and cooler than subculture, almost like freckltone, it's very creamy, great to use. Every pigmented lip gal should have this!
Put Stila vanilla on top, you've got the prettiest nude lip!!

Review by askewchick: Wow I wish this liner was as people had mentioned in previous reviews but for me, it is sadly the type of color I can only wear if my lipgloss is really, really pink. I found this liner to have serious orange overtones. English Ideas and Chanel are so far the only really nude liners without the orange. Its consistancy is fine, and the pencil is a good enouph length, but otherwise I won't reach for this often, and it was a gift, so I would not repurchase.

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English Ideas Lip Enhancer pencil

Review by taskeeng: I would never in a million years wear this on its own - it's way too pale-orange on me and makes me look like a corpse - but I've found it to be an excellent base for lipstick. I use it to line and fill in my lips, then apply my regular lipstick over it, and it helps it to stay put and last longer, and even make them look a tad plumper.

Review by Lyssa2676: This is the one product I can't live without. It is the best natural lipliner for me. I have tried every other kind imaginable but keep going back to this. It lasts a long time and makes my lips look much fuller and even without looking drawn on. It costs a bit more but lasts for a long time since I'm not constantly touching it up.

Review by edie4711: I love this product! I have very pale lips and an almost non-existent natural lipline. For me, the colour is perfect, not orange or brown or too pink either. As a makeup artist though, I can see that this lipliner would not suit anyone with more pigmented lips.

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Prestige Love

Review by ninanina: I liked the color and tried it but wasn't crazy about it - it didn't go on easy, but maybe it's my skin or something

Review by aguskl: This is a great cheap lip-liner pencil. I don't like how hard the product is, but it still does a great job. Beautiful blue based hot pink shade.

Review by nina: Violet toned pink with shimmer. medium depth. Not too bright on my pale lips, but I bet it would be bright on more pigmented lips. really purdy on me.

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