what is the best lip liner?3 effective lip liner

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By Sara

what is the best lip liner?Let's see the 3 effective lip liner !


Prestige Baby

Review by nemomemo: A very pretty mauve-pink/rose color. Right now i am really big into using lipliners all over my lips and then topping off with Aquaphor ( It makes for a beautiful soft "lip-stained" look ) this color compliments my skintone which has a lot of gold/warm tones in it, i also like the color kiss by prestige over it sometimes as well.

Review by leeyao: This is a very pretty, sunny pink which I use with some Chapstick as a lipstick. I got it for 1 at a sidewalk sale. I think it usually costs 3.99, which is still a great deal.

Review by AimeeO: ow, ow, OW! *baby* was on sale at longs this week, so i thought id give it a try. big mistake. this lipliner is not creamy or smooth; rather, it tugs very harshly on my lips and also applies unevenly. the actual color is off from the color indicator as well: i expected *baby* to be a muted mauvey-pink, but it shows up bright fuschia on my lips. im so disappointed, especially since prestige eyeliners have made me happy for years. i wouldnt buy this again.

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Clinique Quickliner for Lips Baby Buff

Review by almighty_curv: Love the color but SO dry! Impossible to even apply. I thought it would be smooth but it has a horrible texture. It is so skinny it is a pain to apply...

Review by Erin: I like this liner. The texture is nice and I love that I don't have to sharpen it. The color is a touch on the orangey side for me, but a lot of nude shades tend to do that on me since I'm very cool-toned. It still works nicely with my pink-nude glosses and lipsticks. I'm thinking of picking up Lipblush to try out next.

Review by marsqurine: Best nude lipliner ever. If you're a MAC Subculture or Sublime Culture girl, give this a try. I had been using Baby Buff for years, until they discontinued it. That sent me on a nude l/l journey. MAC Subculture (horrible texture!) and Sublime Culture are a little too light and Beurre, although highly wearable, is a little too dark for an, "I'm not wearing any lipliner" look. I don't know when they brought Baby Buff back, but I have been using it again for a couple of months and I hope it never disappears again. I just picked up two more liners today, so I could get my bonus. The bonus has a beautiful palette in it and I am now the proud owner of 2 and 1/2 Baby Buff lipliners :)

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Prestige Kiss

Review by Caligirl42990: This is a bright pink. I wear this with my pink lipglosses and it gives me more of a polished look. This looks great all over the lips with a clear gloss over it.

Review by jlinh2u: I'm surprised that a bright pink liner works on my HHH (MAC C4) skin. I top this with lipbalm only; there's enough warmth in it so that it flatters me. It helps that my lips are also pink-pigmented, so it looks like a subtly brighter version of my lips. My husband even complimented this one. Would repurchase.

Review by shelby1123: A medium toned baby pink - makes your lips look flushed and full. Nice with a clear gloss on top (like Annabelle's pearly Le Gloss Superstar, perhaps?)

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