what is the best lip liner?3 easy to use lip liner

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By Tifanny

what is the best lip liner?Let's see the 3 easy to use lip liner !


mark Lip Mark It -Honey

Review by diachu21: Mark products aren't available in Italy (WHAT A PITY!) so I had to buy Honey off Ebay. I'm very impressed by the quality of this dirt cheap retractable lip liner, Honey blends well with virtually any brown color of lipstick or gloss. Plus, this neutral shade adds definition to my lips and has a creamy and highly pigmented texture... It's no wonder people love it!!

Review by Jessimau: A perfect nude liner on my naturally pigmented lips. Will definately repurchase.

Review by jules2064: Good price, a nice, deep but neutral brown color and I like the clear packaging. I really appreciate that aspect of it because I have had so many instances with running out of liner halfway thru application. Very annoying. I Like this and will definately repurchase.

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MAC Lipliner- Mahogany

Review by minnielouse: I've used Avon Ultra Luxury lip liners for a long time, because they go on great, and they are DIRT cheap, if you misplace one, BIG DEAL. But then I RIS the mahogany MAC lip liner and I love it!! It is quite long so that means it will last a long time, making the high-end cost more justified.
It goes on creamy and it matches most of my lippies, since I go for darker berry/browns, and it stays on a very long time. I still use my Avon Ultra Luxury Liners, but if you'd rather buy highend, I definetley recommend this.

Review by srobinb: i can't live without this liner- it's the best colour for my skin tone- it's a dark brown with a touch of red which is perfect for my brown skin because it's dark enough that is shows up on me and has colour in it so it doesn't wash me out- i use this liner with mostly all my lipstick colours...i don't know what i'd do without it

Review by lipstickcrazy: Excellent red-brown creamy liner. Great to line with or use on it's own. I'm liking it with MAC "Dolce" frost lipstick.

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Milani Lip Flash

Review by Angeline: Definitely glittery, definitely pigmented, which aren't bad things. And I appreciate the fact that the color on the outside of the pencil is a true representation of the color of the product.
I have Flash Light and it's a bright, hot red with matching hot pink micro glitter. It's been described as a coral by some reviewers, but it doesn't look that way on my cool, pinkish skin tone. I really like the color and the depth of the glitter, it looks very multi-dimensional.

Review by blyss: Got the red one last night. It totally reminds me of ruby red slippers! loooove it.

Review by Chloeclover: 'k just a tip - put this in the fridge to CHILL for a while before you try to sharpen! (I didn't do this the 1st time and dang - what a mess)
The colors I got (hot pink/purple and dark berry) look good full on or blotted with a gloss on top. They last a good while (unless I drink something without a straw or eat, then I reapply) Not good in your pocket - body heat will melt them.

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