what is the best lip gloss?3 top lip glosss review

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By Monica

what is the best lip gloss?Let's see the 3 top lip glosss review!


Christian Dior DiorKiss - 898 -Bonbon Violette (Violet Candy)

Review by mulhollanddrive: I like this as everything else I own is pinky so it makes a nice change and looks lots better than I thought it would when you look at it in the tube. Very rich purple colour with sparkles. Very thick texture that makes application more complicated than with other glosses, especially when the colour needs to be sheer on the lips. Worth the trouble though. Lovely fragrance.

Review by vengland: I don't really care for the scent of this one. I definitely need to work with this one a little bit(i.e. lipliner) because with my pale complexion it looks a little strange by itself. This would look fabulous on someone with an olive complexion.

Review by DawnD: Eh. Would've been better off buying a purple lipstick and layering a clear gloss over it. This purple gloss is a bit too hard to blend and tends to smear a bit when applied. However, the candy scent is nice and you can't beat the glam Dior silver-accented packaging. I prefer the pink Lychee Rose DiorKiss to this one.

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NARS Lip Gloss- Triple X

Review by belladoggie00: I love this! Despit is being a crystal clear lip gloss, it is so much better than any other clear gloss that I have own. It has extreme, long lasting shine. I love to wear it alone, it enhances my own natural lip color. It lasts long too!

Review by ciarar: This is by far my most favorite clear lip gloss. It lasts a VERY long time, is very smooth and feels moisturizing on lips. It glides on beautifully. It's not too sticky (definitely not as sticky as MAC lipglass). It has the perfect amount of shine, overall an amaazing product. It's worth every penny (2,200 to be exact.. lol) It costs 22, and lasts for months, although i recommend not applying from the wand if you're already wearing another lipgloss/lipstick since it will discolor the wand and also eventually make the wand smell bad :( Please do yourself a favor and buy this, you wont' be dissapointed!

Review by kit_kat68: Love this! It's not sticky like the Mac version and you only need a little bit. It lasts and looks great over a little bit of lipstick. The only problem is that it's very expensive given the price.

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NYX NYX 111 Lollipop

Review by Sybil84: I love this color! As described previously, it is a coral peach and goes on very naturally, but leaning towards the warm side (may not suit cool skin color but I am neutral leaning towards warm) and I think it's beautiful. I wear it with a lot of gold and bronze color eyes for summer time. I think the consistency is great and wears like iron. And so cheap! For this price, I can afford to keep one in every place (work, bag, home)
I reach for it a lot when needing a generic gloss that will go with everything else I'm wearing if I don't have time to hunt for a specific color.

Review by cperry: I like this shimmery peach. It goes on smooth and lasts awhile. It can be sheer or a full color gloss. I like it alot more than the sheer cady shop (candy shop) gloss. My tube says it's now made in Korea.

Review by Elixir: This is an opaque light peachy champagne with a bit of pink gloss. The color is quite warm and has bits of gold shimmers throughout it and its pretty frosty which I love because it compliments my yellow base. It brings color and warmth without making my skin look sallow or washing me out. Although it is an opaque gloss, the overall color is quite light so it ends up being pretty without being so dramatic, which is good for when I want to do a lot with my eye makeup.

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