what is the best lip gloss?3 popular lip glosss

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By Helen

what is the best lip gloss?Let's see the 3 popular lip glosss !


Bourjois Effet 3-D Glossy Lipstick Rose Enigmatic 49

Review by guitarzan: this is a beautiful colour- a natural golden red. its thick, and just works so well. it is my favourite lipgloss..one that i will be buying over..and over..and over again. ive got many other lipglosses..NOTHING comes up to this.

Review by quantumkitten: This is a sheer candy pink with gold shimmer. It looked lovely in the summer when I had some colour, applied sparingly, but I don't like it at all now that it is winter and I am pale. The colour is too much of a "barbie pink" and it'll have to wait until summer before I dig it out again! Otherwise, it's great. My only gripes are the strong fragrance and the brush applicator.

Review by Viognier: I love the packaging and the fabulous lip brush. It comes in a curvy clear tube with a frosted gold cap. The texture is very silky smooth and shiny. It is a great gloss and it has more to it than most typical glosses. I tend to only wear this in the summer when I have a tan b/c the color is a little bright for my pale, pale white winter skin and looks so much better with a tan. It is a sheer raspberry color with golden shimmer. Very Very pretty and great quality. I will be trying other colors.

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Victoria's Secret Beauty Rush Lip Gloss - My Cherry Amour

Review by mielr: I was very surprised about this product. First of all, its called 'my cherry amour' so i thought it would taste like cherrys. but it tastes like a chocolate lip gloss tastes like, chocolate + sour. maybe chocolate cherry.
but other then that, i like the consistency of the lip gloss and the shine + color it gives. i would not repurchase this flavor, but i love the beauty rush lip glosses.

Review by island_honey: This lipgloss is a very sheer red. Not very pigmented, but better than Red Delicious. I like the absence of obnoxious glitter as well as the slanted applicator and the reasonable price tag. However, I am not so fond of the scent/taste. It smells more like sour cherries but after awhile I don't notice it anymore. Overall, I will use up my tube, but I don't envision a repurchase.

Review by belladoggie00: To me, Beauty Rush glosses are a little on the thick side, but not in a bad way...it just means they'll last a little longer. When I wear this, I feel like my lips are moisturized, even awhile after it wears off. Despite the name, I don't think it smells like cherries at all, more like chocolate to me, but the best part is that it doesn't taste bad or weird, it's just a bit sweet. On me, this gloss imparts little to no color, it just makes my lips shiny. I wish the color was more like how it looks in the tube, but oh well, I got it for free with my purchase. I wouldn't buy this again as it's basically clear lip gloss and I have enough of that, but I would consider buying this formula again in a different color.

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Lancome Juicy Tubes - Raisin

Review by andij: love juicy tubes .. i wanna get em all!

Review by Olive143: I'm not a massive fan of Juicy Tubes as i find them too sticky and not pigmented enough (so sick of glosses that just go on clear) but i love this one. Heavily pigmented - a gorg red colour and the taste to me is yum! like a lolly.
And for once, its not TOO sticky.

Review by spitfireseven: The best JT in my opinion. It's the most pigmented. It colours your lips of a sexy natural dark red and makes them literally *juicy*. A must have!

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