what is the best lip gloss?3 good lip gloss brand

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By Sara

what is the best lip gloss?Let's see the 3 good lip gloss brand!


NYX Brush on Gloss- BG-101 Frosted Beige

Review by franjipany: I bought a couple of these lipglosses on sale at Ulta, but I think I'll be returning this one. The color just looks terrible on me. I was hoping for a pretty nude shade that I could wear with smokey eyes (instead of doing the foundation/concealer with clear gloss thing, which I can pull off), but this isn't it. It reminds me of the 90's beige lip, which is totally unflattering. I gave it two lips since it's mostly just wrong for my skin tone, but GOD, the level to which it is wrong...

Review by runtagua: The formula of this gloss is a little bit thinner than the MegaShine (by the same brand), but still long-lasting and the brush applicator is very nice. It smells like bubblegum (not bad, at least for me). Frosted Beige looks like a brownish nude with shimmer in the tube, but upon application some pinky tones show up, which I really like because I can't wear true brown lipcolors (they tend to wash me out or look dead). Anyway, this looks so natural that I can virtually wear it with everything I want on my cheeks and eyes. Plus, you can't beat the price tag! Recommended!

Review by didion0312: MY HG LIPGLOSS!!!! Very beautiful nude color for everyday wear...lasts for about an hour though..thats the downside :( but I will ALWAYS have this in my purse!

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Bourjois Effet 3D Lipstick - Rose Antic 96

Review by Lyssa2676: This is quite a good lipgloss, even better than the high end brands. Color is good - won't wash you out.

Review by gogoamy: I bought this because I was trying to replace my Gap Color lipgloss in Blaze (the glass tube broke). The color of this gloss is a subtle pink-mauve in the tube but goes on very sheerly. I think to get the color of the gloss to stand out I would have to put some concealer or foundation on my lips first. Anyway, I love this gloss because of how much product I get (.2 oz) and because it isn't very sticky. I'll probably buy more shades from Bourjois soon.

Review by mielr: I can tell from my first purchase of Bourjois Effect 3D lipgloss that this is going to become a new obsession of mine. This color is now just called Rose on the Sephora web site. I love the color of this gloss - a light-medium pink with no shimmer. It's not quite dark enough to be a my lips but better color but it's close. I love the shine, the feel and the scent of this lip gloss. I love the little brush on the end of the applicator as it feels so good to apply this lip gloss. I am rushing back to Sephora to grab more of these wonderful lip glosses. This is my first purchase of any Bourjois product but it certainly won't be my last.

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Maybelline Shiny-Licious in Berry

Review by i_darling: This gloss is ok, yet you should place some product on your finger when appyling because the applicator sucks! :P I wish it was more natural.

Review by cperry: I'm loving this lip gloss so much, I don't know where to start saying great things about it. This gloss is a pretty berry color in the tube and is pretty true to form on my lips. It smells great (which REALLY surprised me, as every Maybelline lip product I've ever tried has smelled awful.) It's pretty thick but it's not terribly sticky. And it lasts for a long time. I've never had a gloss stay on like this one has. The gloss has has a tiny bit of shimmer but it's not glittery. I like this so much that I went back and bought two more because when I like something this much, it's bound to be discontinued pretty quickly. I got this for 4.76 at Wal-Mart. I plan to try other colors, as well.

Review by nina: This is my fourth Shiny-Licious and second favorite of the four I own. It's a fuchsia in the tube, but on it becomes a deep pink that is very flattering. The gloss is very shiny and has a candy-like scent to it. It feels moisturizing after being applied and, like my Shiny-Licious in Caramella, it has good staying power. I will probably repurchase =)

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