what is the best lip gloss?3 effective lip gloss

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By Tifanny

what is the best lip gloss?Let's see the 3 effective lip gloss !


Cargo Flin Flon Lipgloss

Review by roxiblue: I love this product. One side has a gold shimmer to it, and the other is sort of irridescent. It's nice for a simple look, or you can put it over something to give the slightest bit of shimmer. I highly recommend if you like simple things during your day!!!!

Review by runtagua: This is a great lipgloss to use on top of other glosses or lipsticks! One color is an irridescent silvery color with slight violet undertones, and the other color is a sheer gold. Great to use just on the center of the lips to create a pouting effect. The texture is so light. Great colors!

Review by leeyao: If there is one thing that I love, it's lip gloss. However, this stuff comes in a big tin that is nearly impossible to open and can really put you in a bad mood! Not to mention, once you finally get to the gloss and put it on, it last for only a short time and then there you are again trying to get the tin open.

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Sepia Sexy Gloss in Baby Kiss

Review by Newme: This is such a pretty color! The gloss is a little stickier than I like, and is best applied with a brush, but the staying power is awesome!

Review by askewchick: These glosses are thick, moisturizing and long-lasting.The Baby Kiss color is a pretty neutral pink with a slight shimmer and on me is a nice YLBB. I believe these are discontinued, unfortunately, because I would've definitely repurchased, but this is a pretty old gloss but it's still packs a punch!

Review by taurusgurl5984: If you read my review on the Naturally Glam color you'll see that I'm not overly wild about the packaging, but love the product. These glosses are thick (you might want to pack a lipbrush) and moisturizing and long-lasting..exactly how I like them. The Baby Kiss color is a pretty neutral pink with a slight shimmer. It is a perfect match to Sepia Cream Glow Up blush Pretty in Pink.

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Too Faced KISS STICKS French Kiss

Review by quantumkitten: Beautiful color. It is a sheer pink with slight golden sheen/shimmer. The smell is so good, like vanilla. And it is sooo good on your lips. It feels as though it is nurturing them. When it wears off, your lips are left soft and comfortable. VERY AWESOME GLOSS! THIS GLOSS IS THE ONLY BRAND THAT DOESN'T MAKE MY LIPS PEEL, CRACK AND FEEL HORRIBLE. I'VE TRIED EVERY GLOSS OUT THERE: CHANEL, DIOR, CLINIQUE, ESTEE LAUDER, BOBBI BROWN, VICTORIA'S SECRET, REVLON, BONNE BELL, ETC.... I can't believe it!!! I use this gloss as therapy for my lips now!!!! I'm IN LOVE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Review by London84: This shades looks awesome on me!!! It's not as sticky as I'd like it to be, but its a pretty shade, i luv the gold sparkles in it! I just adore gold sparkles in lipgloss.... The smell is pretty good, its vanillaish. The packaging is A++, the box is made to look like a "too faced" version of Louis Vuitton signature print!!! s0o0ooo cute!

Review by nechama22: First of all, I LOVE the click-pen design. Very handy. This color is beautiful, sheer rose with gold shimmer. It looks a lot like MAC Nymphette lipglass, but quite a bit lighter pink and a little sheerer on. Feels very nice on your lips, and the vanilla smell is less overpowering than MAC's. I definitely want to try more colors.

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