what is the best lip gloss?3 effective lip gloss brand

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By Fiora

what is the best lip gloss?Let's see the 3 effective lip gloss brand!


Fresh Gloss Absoloute-Rose Parfait

Review by bekkbekk1985: I LOVE this pretty gloss. Not so much for the color(I usually only buy biege or taupe colors) But for the texture and staying power. I've not paid that much for a gloss in a LONG time but this is a must have! My only thought is for this price, it should come with a little lip-brush!! I would re-purchase this again and Im hopping they will someday come out with a taupe colored gloss with the same formula!

Review by drusilladru: Kensbarbie's right about this one - there's hardly any product in here! I used it 3 times and already hit bottom! It's really expensive considering the small amount of product you get. What I do like about the product is the packaging - a lavendar compact with a pink flower on the cover and a mirror inside. Very pretty! Also I love the flavor. Does anybody else think this smells EXACTLY like Froot Loops cereal??

Review by Newme: I love the pretty lavender compact with the little flower on it and that's probably what drew me to this. The color is very pale to the point of being clear except for the gorgeous shimmering, pearlized effect. It looks very luminescent on....sort of a natural but sexy lip effect. I love the thick feeling of it--not sticky or goopy but you know that you have it on kind of gloss. I'm not a fan of overly thin or runny glosses so this is perfect for me. Plus the fruity smell is really unique and a nice change from all the vanilla scented glosses out there. My only problem with it is the shallow container, which seems to be the same problem other reviewers had with it too.

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Stila Orange Lipglaze

Review by maribebe: This isn't really orange. Rather, it's like a warm reddish coral and goes on fairly sheer. I bought this for a holiday and loved the way it looked with my light tan! The packaging is cute. However, it is true that these are outrageously expensive for the amount you get. I'm so tempted to try one of the other shades because I love them - strong but sheer colours without glitter! But I will have to think hard about whether it can be justified.

Review by fitnessa: This goes on a sheer, true orange - a *red* rather than pinky coral/orange, which I love because so many other peachy/coral glosses look nude or sickly pale pink rather than vibrant orange. This is the most pigmented of the peach/coral shades in this line. I've found this type of color extremely hard to find in any line, especially with a sheer glossy texture. I love the particular kind of glossiness this imparts - a slick, shimmery, honest-to-God GLAZE rather than gloss or glitter...very slick and shimmery and wet looking rather than oily, waxy, or sticky. I wish I could pass it up due to the price, but I just can't find this shade anywhere else, hence the thumbs up.

Review by bobsy: I'm giving this product 4 lippies only for the color- ladies, it's a stunner! Very versatile as well- this is one of those colors that flatters both pale and darker skin tones. It turns into a coral on darker skin, and a warm reddish color on pale skin. I got this as part of the double-ended tube set. I'd only repurchase if Stila sold this in a wand-style format. The click pen blows. lol

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Lancome Juicy Tubes in Sun Bronze

Review by nishie: This is amazing in that it looks so brownish red in the tube but on the lips it gives me a very rosey fresh look. I have found this to be my go to lipstick whenever I dont know what color I want to wear. I am in love with this color and would defintely repurchase in the odd event I ever ran out. I dont find this to be any stickier than the other juicy tubes I have tried and I am in love with the way it gives me a rosey lip. A lot of people say this is a winter color but if your lips are highly pigmented like mine it gives you a hint of color.

Review by joheinous: Beautifully pigmented with gorgeous amount of shine. Berry color, not too red -- not really bronzy at all. Better than average staying power than gloss; not as long-wearing as stickier glosses like Bobbi Brown or MAC lipglasses, but still -- you get a lot for your money, too!

Review by kat_25: don't be put off by the color in the tube. it goes on a bronze colored plum with minimal sparkles (i have a darker complexion) that is more pigmented than the average jt but not so much that it looks gross. i do imagine it would be too dark for very pale skin types. sticky like all jt's and smells like carmel but not synthetically like some of them smell. i would definitely buy this one again, as i own 2 gwp sizes and 1 full size one.

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