what is the best lip gloss?3 best-selling lip glosss reviews

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By Sara

what is the best lip gloss?Let's see the 3 best-selling lip glosss reviews!


Chanel Bel Air

Review by sjcsmall: I actually like love this color and am planning on picking up more tubes of this as its not sold anywhere but in Beverly Hills, CA. I like that it is probably the only Chanel Glossimer that doesn't have shimmer. It's a sophiscticated color that kind of gives that whole natural overall finished look.

Review by dastac: No one has written a review about this product in a year, so I thought I would add mine. I recently purchased this from the Chanel web site, so perhaps it is no longer a limited edition color. If it were, I'd buy at least two backups, because it is one of the prettiest glosses I have ever worn.

Sheer pink warmed by peach and a hint of brown, it is definitely the brighter version of Giggle, a pink nude. No glitter whatsoever (some Glossimers leave sparkles behind), but Bel Air imparts a lovely sheen--not too shiny and not at all goopy. Stays put for hours if I don't eat. The color reminds me a little of Chanel Rose Paradise nail polish.

Review by cperry: I am a self proclaimed Glossimer fiend and this has quickly become one of my faves! It is Giggle's lighter, brighter cousin. I have medium pigmented lips and it is a pinkish, coralish color on me. Absolutely no shimmer, smooth, long-wearing and beautiful.

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Revlon Super Lustrous gloss - Rose Blaze

Review by beckibabe: This is the perfect summer color to finish off your bronze/peach/rose glow!
A light, bright peachy rose, nice shimmer, not too flashy, and tons of shine. I took off one point due to the fact that at the end of the day, my lips feel a LITTLE dry. Otherwise, the color and staying power of these are awesome! I use Toast to Shine and Highbeam Tan on a regular basis as well.

Review by ninanina: I received this gloss in a swap and i wasnt sure at first if i could pull this off, im not really a bright lip color wearer lol. But this gloss looks amazing on me. And im sure it does on most gals. Its a subtle red with slight orange undertone. Has glitter but not too much, just right. Its not sticky at all and doesnt smell bad, doesnt really have a smell at all. I think this is the perfect lip product if you just want a pop of color to spice up your look. The staying power isnt too good, but most lip glosses dont last very long anyways. I would definietly get this gloss again in a heart beat. Love it. :)

Review by Capprii: The color is a bit too bright for me (LLL/AAB), especially as I'm in a 'neutral, naked-face' sorta phase, but it's pretty--warm, bronzey-pink, emphasis on the pink, with gold shimmer. The texture is smooth, gel-like and not too sticky and there's that faint scent that all of the SL glosses seem to have. I'm not a fan of it, but it goes away after application. Nothing problematic about the packaging or price either. This was a LE item, though.

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Bourjois Effet 3D Ultra Glossy Lipgloss Chair Authentic

Review by pulidobl: this gloss is a milky pale pink. it's really great for giving just a subtle pretty sheen to your lips. it's not sticky at all, which is a plus.

Review by minnielouse: Finally, a gloss that isn't goopy and is easy to apply. It goes on smooth and makes my lips look great! I love the texture and this clear/light pink color looks good by itself of lipstick or over just lip liner. Thumbs up! Five lippies!

Review by laurilauri: I absolutely love this gloss.
In the tube it looks kind of pinky/orangy. But it shows up light pink.
I like the texture, its not sticky at all.
It looks very pretty, and it smells good too.
I would definatly buy this again!

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