what is the best hair treatment?3 top hair treatment

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By Sara

what is the best hair treatment?Let's see the 3 top hair treatment !


Unlisted Brand Miracle 7 Leave-In Hair Mist

Review by Cordelia: This is so not great. I'm not happy with this at all! My hair actually feels more dry than it normally would be! It's soft at first, but then it feels like straw on my dry areas that need conditioning from my highlights. It's not worth the money at all. I'm returning it to Sally's, and getting my hard earned money back. I am highly unhappy with the results. The only saving grace for me is the gorgeous baby blue color of the bottle. Big thumbs down. I've used better leave-ins from Redken and other salon brands. It's a way better detangler than moisturizer. It should cost more like 4.99, not the 10.99plus tax I paid! My hair feels so dry. Yuck.

Review by tetrakis: I have dry, fragile, highlighted, naturally curly hair that I blow-dry and flat-iron almost daily. I use a combo of several heat protectants, many high-end (kerastase, morocconoil). I've also always used a spray-in detangler/conditioner, but have never been brand-loyal to one until now. Since I've been using this, my hair has a softness and touchability that it never has had before. It's not the cheapest, but isn't terribly expensive and is worth every penny. It's also much less costly than It's a 10, which I've never tried, but don't see a need to as this works so well.

Review by lorraine07: I bought this and the miracle 7 deep conditioner and my hair has not felt/looked this good in a long time. My SI even noticed how soft it made my hair and I even had a few compliments at work today. I told them it's a Miracle!!!
I have used it twice...both times i used deep conditioner also!

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Unlisted Brand Coppola- Keratin Complex Smoothing Therapy Treatment

Review by miss_mac: I have very thick, coarse, curly hair that gives new meaning to the word "frizz." My hairdresser applies this treatment to many of her clients -- who love it and have no problems. My hair will not hold it; it is washed out within a month. I have tried it three times. I will not try it again, as it is not at all worth the time (3-1/2 hours) and certainly not the expense.

Review by Vaniessa: I'm getting the treatment done this weekend.....so anxious, more nervous, though. I've read the reviews and it seems as though the positive reviews outweigh the negative ones. I know I shouldn't be nervous, but that's just my personality. I'm actually more concerned about going to work on Monday...not sure what my hair will look like after it hasn't been washed.

Review by fitnessa: keratin straightening costs me 350 at the hairdresser, but i bought the clarifying shampoo and straightening treatment on the internet and it cost 70 per treatment. 255 including postage, whereas three treatments at the hairdresser would be 1,050! it is really simple to apply and you can use your ghd. keratin's straightening iron is around 150 but the only difference is 20 degrees in heat. instructions are on the back and if i can do it, anyone can

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Unlisted Brand It's a 10 - Leave in Product

Review by almighty_curv: This stuff is amazing! The best leave in conditioner I have ever used. It makes my hair so shiny and soft. It not only is a leave in but it's also a helps to straighten and protect from frizz. It's a little expensive and the bottle is kind of small but it's well worth it imo

Review by kitten75: High in price. Didn't do much for me. Smelled alright though. It left my ends sticky and weighed down. That's about all it did. Finished the bottle thinking results would eventually occur (nothing...) and will not be getting it again.

Review by i_darling: My stylist used this one me and I loved how my hair felt so much, a week later I went back and bought a bottle. I've used it for two weeks and cannot rave enough.
I have fine/medium curly hair that takes a beating with how frequently I straighten it. This stuff makes it feel AMAZING!!

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