what is the best hair styling tools?3 best hair styling tools

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By Monica

what is the best hair styling tools?Let's see the 3 best hair styling tools !


Conair Infiniti Tourmaline Ceramic Straightener - 2 inch plates

Review by mz654: This iron is just OK for me. Luckily I don't have coarse thick curly hair or this would not work at all! It just doesn't get hot enough. In fact, I bought an ANDIS 1 inch straightener for 13 dollars at WalMart a few years back and it actually gets hotter than this one and the Conair was 37 bucks on sale! My mom bought it for me so I'm gonna continue to use it until it breaks. I haven't noticed any significant damage, but it kinda snags your hair.

Review by maribebe: For a straightner, I think the price (45 for a 1 inch) is pretty good. I didn't really expect results like I would get with a CHI, but, If you take the time, it will give the same results. I have thick, dry hair.... very 80's hair band, and this thing calms my hair waaaaay down. I love it.

Review by iberian: Oh my! I totally agree with all the reviews below. This is THE best straightener I have ever used. I have rather fine; but VERY curly, dry, and somewhat frizzy hair. One pass is all it takes. Use a finishing serum for a nice gloss. I love this product.

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Sanrio/Hello Kitty Hello Kitty 1875-Watt Hair Dryer HK55P

Review by rebec75: I love HK...ok I am a little on the fanatical side =) This is an adorable hair dryer and it works really well!!! I am not just saying this either cause I love her soooo much LOL it really does the job!!

Review by peachy905: I am a HK freak, so I couldn't pass this item up in Target when looking for a blow dryer replacement. It's cute, cute, cute. Reasonably quiet, and has three temperatures (plus a cold-shot button) and two speeds. Removable lint trap and nozzle. The only reasons I deducted two lippies were that (a) the power cord is relatively short compared to other full-sized dryers, and (b) the handle is pretty thick - I have small hands, so it feels difficult to hold. Since this is geared towards women and girls, you would think they'd design a thinner handle, so you feel like you can get your hand all the way around. It's among the thickest handles of any dryer I've used. Still, it's adorable, seems durable (knock on wood) as it's manufactured by Emerson, and the clear overlay over the "1875W" is a nice design accent.

Review by tambien: Adorable, pink, and your hair will be dry, what else matters?

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Mason Pearson Pocket Mixed Bristle

Review by Viognier: I was very skeptical about purchasing this brush and was almost about to return it because of the price. My stylist raved about the brush and convinced me on purchasing it. At first I had buyers remorse, keeping it in the box without touching it but once I took it out of the box and used the brush for the first time, I loved it. The bristles left my hair shiny and smooth. It really works on bangs and it detangles amazingly. I am really happy with my brush.

Review by JettNY: I agree with the other reviewers. This is a great brush, and no, I don't SEE a "major difference" in my hair. HOWEVER, I do FEEL a major difference in my hair whenever I use my old Conair brush and this Mason Pearson brush. In fact, after using this brush, all other brushes feel too harsh, like it's going to break/rip my hair strands. The Mason Pearson brush is definitely a gentler, more luxurious way to groom oneself and I think it's worth every penny. Only wish I bought the Handy size instead coz the Pocket size doesn't come with a cleaning brush. But for travelling, this size is more convenient, so once in a while, I contemplate on getting a bigger one "for home"... but since I'm currently a "stay-at-home mom"... I'll wait. :) Got my sister to buy the Handy one and she loves it too. There's no going back, but it's an investment and you use it all the time.

Review by mulhollanddrive: I received this brush from a great MUA-er! Boy, do I love it! I've had it for almost 2 years and this brush really does last forever. Plus, it never adds any static electricity to my hair. It is the perfect purse size and I've turned my Mom and sister onto this brush as well. They love it, too. I'm turning my whole family into cosmetic snobs!

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