what is the best hair styling?3 top hair styling reviews

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By Helen

what is the best hair styling?Let's see the 3 top hair styling reviews!


Modern Organic Products (MOP) Glisten Shine Drops

Review by gogoamy: Fantastic serum!!! having thick, coarse, highlighted damaged hair I have tried and tested so many serums to give my lack lustre hair a smooth and shiny quality. Most serums are too heavy and make your hair feel coated, but mops glisten drops although quite thick does not weigh the hair down and instead of the greasy qaulity most produce it adds shine and calms my frizz. Although not the cheapest around the bottle has lasted me over a year and is definately the best one ive tried.Brill!!!!!!

Review by GonnaBeARockStar: I used this product for the first time on my mass of fine hair. I used only a tiny amount (3 small drops) for fear of it leaving my hair greasy. It turns out I could have used more. Will have to keep experimenting as my hair was still slightly frizzy.
It left my hair feeling very smooth.
A little bottle will go a long way and when I finally reach the bottom I will repurchase.

Review by Angeline: I have really curly really fine thirsty generally fabulous with moisture. sometimes i blow it straight.

this stuff never leaves my purse! it's clear, light serum consistency, and doesn't weigh my hair down. the shine is awesome!

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Pureology Glossing Mist

Review by island_honey: I got this as a Christmas present, so I wasn't aware of the super high price. I love the scent and I use the product every time I use heat to style my hair, so about 3 times a week. Only a few spritzes does the job for me. The only complaint I have is that sometimes it's really hard to spray, or the pump gets stuck.:(

Review by dlbd2k06: This really DOES leave my hair very, very shiny and healthy looking, which is great since it's been pretty heavily processed and tends to look a little dry right after being shampooed. However, I'm not sure if a finishing spray is worth 25, even if it will last a long time. I used to use a similar Redken product that I swear actually imparted more shine and was a few dollars cheaper. (Also, the pump keeps getting stuck!) Smells great and feels light. If shiny hair is really important to you, give it a try!

Review by taurusgurl5984: I LOVE THIS!! This is my favorite of all time because it doesnt leave a greasy mess on your hair like other glossing serums do. It smells really good too and you don't need much so it will last you. I think I only spray it once before I go out and it lasts for a while. Everyone asks me what I use on my hair. Its really good for those who find themselves with sticky fingers at the end of the day trying to get all that gunk out from shining serum. This is so light that you never feel weighed down and your hair feels really soft. I highly reccomend!

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Carol's Daughter Kizzi Stay-Put Hair Pomade

Review by marsqurine: Smells like heaven. No petroleum, no mineral oil, but beeswax is #4 on the ingredients list, but it doesn't bother me, it might bother others. The texture is very light weight. On a scale of 1-5, the hold is about a 2, and shine is 5 - which is really why i bought it. This product gives a nice, healthy sheen to my hair. I use it on dry and wet hair. For dry hair, this is great to smooth down flyaways when my hair is straight. But don't expect to go down the Autobahn with the top down and not have any hairs undisturbed - or just down the street with the window down, lol. This product will wear off in 4-5 hours, I think, I never really timed it.

Review by nishie: This is the only Carol's Daughter product that I love. Excellent for pulling natural hair back into a puff (follow the instructions on the front of the tin for awesome results). Also, this product saved me last week when my hair suddenly turned frizzy and I had no time to wash it. I used it to do a dry twist out that night and awoke to shiny, well-tamed, non-greasy hair. I've used this product for over 4 years now and will continue to keep it in my arsenal. Wish they'd make it in a larger package though. FYI - I have approx 10 inches of super-thick, curly 4b natural hair which forms a nice, small corkscrew when it's well-moisturized, "happy", and adorned with the right products (even my "kitchen" - lol).

Review by bekkbekk1985: I use this on my hair right before using my straightening iron. It seems to calm down frizz, add shine, and protect my hair from the heat. You only need a little bit, or else you might get a greasy head of hair! But I have found that if I get too much I can brush it out a little and it isnt a big deal. If you are wearing your hair up and get the little baby hairs and flyaways put it in before you put your hair in a pony and it seems to tame them as well. I also really like the smell. It isnt that expensive and it will last forever and a day.

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