what is the best hair styling?3 effective hair styling reviews

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By Fiora

what is the best hair styling?Let's see the 3 effective hair styling reviews!


Redken Concrete #22

Review by angelchan: Best styling gel/cream ever for my fine wavy cowlicked bangs. Put a tiny amount of this in and blow dry. Cowlick gone, bangs straight and full like there is nothing in my hair at all except that they stay that way ALL DAY even in high humidity. Redken geniuses discontinued this, I'm savage, especially since they keep bringing out NEW and IMPROVED products that are total crap. Way ta go REDKEN . . . .

Review by wunverdoll: So far I love this product! My hairdresser said to just use a pea-size amount on my fine, highlighted hair. I mix it with the same amount of Redken Align. It has held my style all day, and usually my hair falls out of style in an hour.

Review by ahappyplace: This is a regular part of my fine, curly hair styling arsenal (and three cowlicks.) I have colored hair, need a professional style, and this never fails to tame the wayward locks. I agree with the reviewer to apply it AS YOU GO, which for me, is using a combination blow dryer and curling iron (to straighten.) I also use heat protective lotion and finish up with the current Redken styling paste (used to use Sharp Edge, was discontinued.) Works for me!

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Got 2 Be Smooth Operator Smoothing Satin Drops

Review by shelby1123: Wow! I used to swear by Super Skinny Serum, but if I got it too close to my roots, my hair was done. It would be so greasy, I'd have to wash it again. I can use 3 pumps of this stuff in my baby fine hair and even if I plop in right on top, no grease, just super shine and no flyaways!!! I oringally only put it on mty hair wet, but I recently put it on my dry hair to smooth it down and it was SO shiny with no grease at all, not even a little bit! Not to mention it's only like 5 and smells awesome! I will definitely be buying more of these, one for my house, my boyfriends house, and my car!!!

Review by kit_kat68: Amazing stuff! It makes my color treated and heat damaged hair look sleek and incredibly shiny. Performs like a salon quality hair product without the hefty price tag. Packaging is really cute and I love the little charms hanging off the bottle. A little does go a long way with this product, using too much or too close to the roots made my hair look greasy.

Review by francesca39: HORRIBLE. It did absolutely NOTHING for my hair. Oh wait, yes, it gave me dandruff after one application. Did not stop frizz, did not make my hair look any better. HORRIBLE!!!

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Avon Advance Techniques Straight & Sleek Smoothing Balm

Review by mworley00: I like this product. My mom has it, and I use it whenever I want. It's nice because it tames frizziness. I am not the type to have straight hair, but it tames frizziness, and it leaves a nice glossy shine. The smell is nice, but it is a bit too strong for me because I'd rather not smell like hair products.

Review by diachu21: My hair's wavy and frizzy every day. This product is the first thing that's worked to smooth the frizzies. It leaves my hair soft, smooth and shiny. Love it!

Review by jamelia: Great product. Some campaigns offer great deals like buy one get one free. Makes blowdrying easier.

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