what is the best hair styling?3 best-selling hair stylings

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By Monica

what is the best hair styling?Let's see the 3 best-selling hair stylings !


John Frieda Frizz-Ease 100 Glossing Mist

Review by kimmie578: I have been using John Frieda's Glossing Mist for about four years and love it. I do not feel that my hair regime is complete without using this product as a finishing touch as it really adds shine to my hair. I highly recommend it!

Review by liselise1: Not good for relaxed or dry hair. I thought I'd cheap out and go with this instead of my usual KeraCare glossing spray. Well, the first ingredient in this is alcohol, which equals D-R-Y for my hair. I didn't notice much shine either.

Review by JT14: I have fine, wavy hair that I love when it has volume without frizz. This product does seem to give a hint of more shine, but I think it makes my hair go limp rather than tame fly-aways, which for me is a very bad thing. I got this for 6 at Giant. I probably wouldn't buy this again as I'm sure there are better products out there for me.

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Kenra Volume Spray (aerosol)

Review by Viognier: I don't use this hairspray on a regular basis as it has alcohol, and contributes to my ongoing dryness problem. However, if I really want my hair to stay in exactly the same spot all day and even add some fullness and lift..this is the one I use. It kinda leaves me with a mall hair lookin' 'doo, but ah well..it's a trade off sometimes, y'know?

Review by gogoamy: This is a great voluminzing hairspray. Really light and a dry mist but good hold. It won't get crunchy or gross even if I go a little overboard but I agree that this is very drying (which makes sense since it's a volume spray and is not supposed to fall) so I try to avoid spray it on my length and spray it mostly to the top layers where I need the most lift. Definitely keep away from either dryer parts of your hair or if you have dry hair stay away!! It'll just make it feel like straw or worse! Also the smell sucks. Not a smell I look forward to smelling when using this product.

Review by mworley00: I happened to receive this as a free sample from trade secret, threw it in my suitcase to use as a travel size on vacation, and loved it! It gave my super-fine hair lift during 3 weeks in costa rica, so it can stand up to some humidity. I just use a little at the roots, lifting up a few sections of hair and spraying the roots underneath, and then try not to mess with it. It can feel a little crunchy like some other people mentioned, but that doesn't bother me too much. I will be going back to buy the full size when this one runs out.

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Joico Silk Result Straight Smoother

Review by askewchick: This made my hair feel sticky and even more coarse.

Review by Loriwong: It's an okay product, just not for me. I feel like I'm applying glue to the hair. After a night in the city my hair was literally one big bundle! Like felt! It was horrible to get out the next day and I feel that is partially caused by this product.
If you wanna try a nice one, try the Tresemmé one, that one I'll stick with.

Review by Olive143: I got a sample of this product with the spray for flat irons. I love it. It makes my fine straight hair thicker and very very soft, but not so soft that it won't hold a style. I went out and bought this in the full size, it work so well.

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