what is the best hair styling?3 best hair styling

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By Sara

what is the best hair styling?Let's see the 3 best hair styling !


Pureology Thickening Mist

Review by AutumnBliss: my stylist said I would love this- and I love most other Pureology products, however i am not in love with this. The pros- it doesn't leave any reside, it is not heavy, and does not make your hair feel crunchy or stiff. However, it simply does not do enough. Yes, I can tell a difference when I put this in my hair and when I dont, but all in all, it doesn't really do THAT much in terms of thickening. I mainly need it for my bangs since my bangs get stringy and thin as the day goes on and is exposed to humidity. I am still on the hunt for a great thickening and lifting product for my hair.

Review by runtagua: I love this product - however - I'm 99% sure that it is breaking me out. Within a day or two of using it, the sides of my face had tons of tiny little pimples. Plus, I've noticed my back breaking out way more since I started using it. It's just too coincidental. When I don't use it, I notice an improvment in my back.
I've been more careful to not get it on my face, and I haven't had problems.
I love what this does for my hair. I certainly notice a difference, but I'm not sure it's worth the potential skin problems.

Review by Erin: Okay...First thing you need to know, is that this product dries FAST! What I did was to blow dry my hair until it was 50% dry, then I sectioned it out and put it up in clips. I then would take each section one at a time, spray once or twice with this, then blow it out. Yeah, It's a bit time consuming, but I also had great volume, no stickiness, and it smells great. For reference, I have spiral curl, shoulder length hair. I hope this review helps someone.

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Clairol Herbal Essence Tousle Me Softly Spray Gel

Review by stellaluna2: I love this stuff! I'm on my 3rd bottle. This is the only thing that really works on my wavy/curly hair. I've tried all the popular creams, serums, mousses. After showering, I let my hair air dry for a few minutes, spray this into my hair and then go! It really defines the waves and keeps them in place. Be careful not to apply too much though, because it will get that crunchy stringy wet look.

Review by cgosyne: I am a total hair product snob, so I purchased this with no expectations whatsoever. However, this stuff does great things to my hair. Overall, it gives me that sexy, tousled volume that I so often crave but rarely achieve with the best of products. Pleasantly suprised!

Review by navarre: Ok, I REALLY wanted this product to work! I am the type of person that doesn't use heat on her hair so I really wanted a product that would enhance my natural waves. First off it left my hair SOOOOOO incredibly dry it was insane! There is also A LOT of alcohol in this so that bad, and also the scent is over powering and quite annoying! so overall I really don't like this product!

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Frizz-Ease Sheer Blonde Dream Cream

Review by isabellet: This is a good product and it DOES work for all hair colors, not just blond, but I prefer the frizz ease secret weapon simply because I like the scent better, but other then the scent differance there are really no differances between this and secret weapon. I usually just buy whichever one's on sale because the scent dissipates after a while anyway.

Review by Viognier: If you like Secret Weapon but don't like the smell, try this. It's basically the same, but the smell is more fruity.

Review by Dimitra: This heals PARCHED hair! I always use this after swimming in chlorinated/salt water! It works wonders and makes your hair A DREAM when applied to wet/damp hair, when used dry I find I can't handle this and end up looking greasy, As I have a tendency to overruse this because of the lush smell. Seriously take this on beachy holidays - it will save your hair!

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