what is the best hair conditioner?3 recommended hair conditioners

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By Christina

what is the best hair conditioner?Let's see the 3 recommended hair conditioners !


Aubrey Organics GPB Conditioner

Review by clnfox: I have relaxed 4a/b hair. I bought this as the protein component of my regimen because it was highly recommended and Aphogee scares me lol. I only use it as a pre shampoo treatment on dry hair and my hair seems the better for it.

Review by mriaow: Wonderful fantastic marvellous terrific tremendous great exceptional amazing
Did I say enough?

Review by Susie31: A fantastic weekly treat. I leave it on dry hair for about 12 minutes before shampooing out. It leaves my hair so impossibly silky and shiny. Have been using this regularly for over 2 months now and have received a lot of compliments on my hair (esp on how healthy/shiny it looks).
It has also definitely strengthened my hair such that it is less prone to breakage/ blow-dryer damage now.
As others have mentioned, the packaging leaves something to be desired.

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Ted Gibson Individual Color Captivating Copper

Review by francesca39: I looked at this over a year before I gave in and started buying it. I can justify the 36 dollar for 10 oz price with the results. Better than Artec or L'oreal Professional. Nicely staining, makes hair soft and adds obvious glimmering highlights. Made of very high quality ingrediants. I am ashamed I love it so much!

Review by navarre: The dual side conditioner is excellent and so is the single color bottle. I've tried many color depositing products and this one is tops and so worth the extra money! The only thing I would recommend, with the single color bottle, would be to mix the color in with some of your own conditioner. Start with only a little until you see how intensely the color takes to your hair. It's a pretty potent formula that will even stain your hands a little bit (but you can easily scrub them clean, so no worries). I hope they never stop making this product. I don't even color my hair anymore...I just use this to give my natural color a boost!

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Dove Damage Therapy Conditioner Intensive Repair

Review by vengland: This is another very good conditioner. It makes my hair soft and smooth BUT without the greasiness I get after some hours (and even more the next day) when using conditioners with silicones. Actually it manages to give even some volume and the biggest point is that it is able to tame my frizzies so that I don?t need smoothing lotions or ironing. I think that it depends on the almost perfect balance of heavy and light silicones (dimethicone and amodimethicone) and lactic acid (great stuff for skin and hair) without addition of further oils and lubricants, which can make hair nicely smooth just after styling but make it also heavy and greasy after some hours and the next day. The ingredients seem to be the same or similar to the old version in the blue bottle, only the UK version seems to be different than the original one and without lactic acid.

Review by belladoggie00: Cheap and Moisturizing. I use it now as my daily routine conditioner.
My hair is coarse and very damaged, this new improved formula can leave a better hair after using. Use it with its shampoo and overnight treatment serum as a routine treatment.it will give you a soft hairdo. And off course, i will buy it again,because this is my daily conditioner.

Review by JT14: I was very excited to try this INTENSIVE conditioner. I am bi racial and it is very good but I have had better. I have used many conditioners while this is not bad its just not intensive as I thought it would be. It smells divine I will use it if I run out of my more intense treatments. My mother is caucasian and she loves it and feels it is intense for her on the other hand.But if you dont have to to get to a Sallys to get something better this is one of the few good drugstore/dollar general/family dollar finds.

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