what is the best fragrance?3 top fragrances reviews

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By Marcella

what is the best fragrance?Let's see the 3 top fragrances reviews!


Burberry Weekend Men

Review by mriaow: Hands down this is my favourite fragrance for men apart from CD Farenheit that i just can't convince my husband to wear, damn! I do not have the language to describe perfume / cologne at all but to give you an idea perhaps it's easier to describe what it doesn't smell like, and that is overly masculine, cloying, or over the top watery Davidoff Cool Water, boring as hell Aqua Di Gio, etc. It has it's own thing going on without trying to be too clever or smelling like a nasty boys locker room at lunchtime on a hot summer day. It's the only cologne i've bought my husband over and over again. So glad you can get it for cheap as i think it's been discontinued? Very interesting to hear some ladies seem to like wearing it too, and considering i love some unisex fragrances like Hermes Un Jardin En Mediterranee methinks i should try wearing this myself!

Review by Pinki: I love Burberry's fragrances, and I love their mens way more than their women's (I'm a girl). This is my favorite, I wear it everday, it's just sort of how I smell now, and I love it.

Review by vengland: Weekend Men is a perfect fragrance that is suitable for ALL age groups. Although it sounds "sporty"/"weekender", I would class this product as a very adaptable, masculine fragrance without the heaviness of some designer perfumes. Definitely worth buying for your male friend. ****
ps Perhaps the first reviewer (1 lippie) was sold a fake, as this is what usually happens to well disguised imitation fragrances!

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Floris of London White Rose

Review by peachy905: Creamy white rose petals combined with sparkling aldehydes, other flowers and some subtle sweetness.There is something about White Rose that reminds me of Agent Provocateur's Maitresse, and having compared listed notes for both of these fragrances I see that they share several of them. If you are familiar with Maitresse I will only add that White Rose is rosier and smells more genuine/natural and fresh even with its musky aura.
But even though this fragrance does have a distinct white rose note, it is far from being traditionally rosy or overbearingly sweet. On the contrary, the rose here is delicate, musky and a bit soapy without being heavy. I am yet to discover a white floral fragrance more elegantly composed than this one.

Review by bastet: Floris White Rose is very similar in fragrance to YSL Paris, particularly the Springtime series; Bois de Rose and Rose Enchantees. It's a little fruity and light -- lemony and luscious. I love it. Wouldn't mind a full bottle at all.

Review by angelchan: I really did like White Rose in the way a person who's normally not a floral person likes a floral sometimes. I may end up purchasing it just because some days I feel like a floral for a change and I don't want anything fruity or watery so for that purpose I generally gravitate towards relatively pure florals. But something tells me I should hold out for a floral so special. Wait for "the one". Until then, this is a very nice perfume that tempts me every once in a while..

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Gucci Envy Me 2

Review by iberian: I contemplated this perfume for days because I kept on falling in love with the scent while in the department store but I already had a signature perfume, Shi. They are TOTALLY opposites. Envy me 2 is very.. sexy, even vain. Its musky, feminine and sultry. I find even one spritz really strong and long lasting. Therefore, I only use this perfume for nights when I go out. I haven't gotten one compliment for it yet (while I do tons for my other perfume(s)), but maybe I was just having too much fun and don't remember them haha.

Review by shimmering: WOW, this is amazing!!! It is very VERY feminine scent. Sexy. Warm. Gentle. Woody and little bit sweet. I LOVE IT!

Review by IiIy: Very mediocre rehash of Gucci Rush, really. I don't see what the point was. The top notes are fairly nice; the dry down is a boring version of Rush. If its a heavy and notable dose of Jasmine you're longing for, go ahead with the Rush.
The bottle is very pretty, lacy looking aqua rectangle shaped looking.

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