what is the best fragrance?3 good fragrances reviews

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By Tifanny

what is the best fragrance?Let's see the 3 good fragrances reviews!


Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess Eau Fra?che Skinscent

Review by blyss: Love it, this was my Easter present and while I have been wearing other more "fall-y" scents, the last couple of cold days, i've been wearing this to remind myself of summer. It is a perfect summer fragrance, I smell the coconut and beach. It's kinda like Hawaii but without so much floral. Never been to California, but I imagine like that. I've been to Jersey beaches, but it seems much nicer than that. More Caribbean, clear blue-green waters, white soft sand, and a nice breeze. Damn, I wish I was in the Caribbean, but I'm not, so I'll wear my Bronze Goddess. My mom and I share this and we haven't even gone through half the bottle, because it's a very generous size. I plan on getting more when it's back in the summer again.

Review by sjcsmall: At first I got the vetiver, coconut, and a general earthy quality in Bronze
Goddes. Later a subtle vanilla in the base came up, giving
a tropical sweetness and completing the mix. Went a bit
musty in the drydown from myrrh, but overall very wearable
for summer and early autumn, and a must for vetiver aficionados.
Reminds me of my grandmother's kitchen, in a good way!
I have the oil and the lotion and prefer the oil for fragrance overall
from start to finish.

Review by Bonnie2842: At first I loved the scent when I sprayed it liberally on me in Macy's. It seemed like a nice skin-scent, not at all overpowering, with primarily notes of vanilla and coconut. Not too sweet, just soft and warm, and similar to suntan lotion. However, after wearing it a few hours, it made me feel nauseated. I had to wash it all off my body and spray it with a scent that I felt was it's opposite-- Philosophy's Baby Grace, which is more fresh-smelling as opposed to the warm scent of Bronze Goddess. I returned the unopened bottle I purchased back to Macy's. I have a sample of Bronze Goddess, which I've tried to use on occasion, but it has the same affect of making me nauseated. I'm still on the hunt for a nice, warm summer fragrance, so next I'm going to try Kenzo's 7:15 a.m. in Bali.

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Unlisted Brand jessica simpson FANCY LOVE 2009

Review by Lyssa2676: Loved this fragrance when it first came out at the department store but was unwilling to pay the huge price tag for a 1.7 oz. bottle. I finally found a 1 oz bottle on sale at CVS and purchased it. Very feminine and sweet fragrance. I've gotten compliments on this edp. Not a huge fan of celebrity fragrances but this one is an exception.

Review by drusilladru: Actually smelled this in a magazine and it peeked my interest. Bought at Elder Beerman in a gift box that included the perfume, lotion and mini roll perfume. Stays on all day and it has a hint of vanilla, comforting smell. I like this and will be repurchasing. I smell sweet, soft and fancy loved.
Edit: Still loving!

Review by zhenya: I'll admit, this is a step up from the original Fancy, which I'm not a fan of. But on me, this is just a lighter version of the original. Too much cupcake accord (or whatever bakery good it is) for me! I can maybe detect a slight hint of floral on the drydown, but not enough to make me want to add this to my fragrance collection. However, if you hated the heaviness of Fancy and you just want a lighter version, Fancy Love might be for you!

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Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab Smut

Review by AimeeO: I know these oil fragrances smell differently on other people, but they all smell completely different on me, than they do on anyone else. When I first applied this, it was very sweet, reminded me of a cross between syrup, florals, almond and marshmallows. My mom thought it smelled like a "head shop" - very incensey, but I didnt think so. Its a great scent, but at the same time it sort of smells like I just ate a really sweet, rich dessert, and that it spilt all over my arm. But I do love it. Its definitely in my top 3 favorite BPAL's so far.

Review by JettNY: When I was musing "to smut or not to smut?" when the BPAL update came out, I was told by someone whose beauty/fragrance/ opinion I trust - "To Smut. And to Smut Again. And to Smut always!"
And to Smut always indeed. What a just plain good scent. No booze or hormones or orgiastic sex smells (for me, at least), just deeply, drippingly sweetness, and dark, dark musks.
This is not a fragrance that hovers over your skin and never becomes one with you...Smut sinks in good, and wafts out BETTER. Smut + you.

Review by dxgirly: Woah....musky musk musk musk....and booze....
It's like plumy syrup and sweaty-ness.
The Smut is a fun for a second, but alas, not for me.
Reminds me of rabid hormonal teenagers clawing at one another.

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