what is the best fragrance?3 good fragrance review

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By Elena

what is the best fragrance?Let's see the 3 good fragrance review!


Kenzo Kenzo Amour le parfum

Review by Stampy_76: Lovely. While Kenzo Amour is more the vanilla cookie on me and comes out pretty virtous, this is a curring scent with more depth. I like the normal Amour EdP version as well, but, while both are cuddlers, I prefer Le Parfum when I go out. Still being a tiny little bit too spicy-sweet lacking a real darksexy part it is whatsoever a pleasure to wear. Longlasting as well.
Plus, the bottle is gorgeous, I love it.

Review by leeyao: I purchased this unsniffed because I LOVE Flower Oriental and Amour Indian Holi, but the original Amour got only an "eh ok" reaction from me. I definately agree with the reviewer below me that this is definately a richer, warmer Amour and I can see the comparisons to Kenzo Oriental; both are warm, sensuous and intimate fragrances. BUT for me, there is "something" that keeps this from being in the "OOO I LUV" category alongside Oriental. Maybe it's a little too powdery and too warm, for my tastes??? Maybe it's the the "Flower DNA" in Oriental or vise versa that makes the difference for me. I'm not sure. I do like it though and i will wear it but just not with the same sensual intensity I feel with Oriental.
I also agree that if you like Oriental you should give this a try. If the original Amour was just ok for you or you're looking for its seductress alter ego, give this a try.

Review by taurusgurl5984: I remember when Kenzo Amour first came out and the excitement I felt for it and then the extreme let down, when it was a very soft anemic vanilla floral...two years later Kenzo answer my excitement with Kenzo Amour le parfum. First off the packaging is gorgeous with a old gold color and a lovely weight in the hands. The fragrance: like surrounding yourself in perfect creamy cashmere with a bit of gold embroidering. The scent is perfect and might answer some peoples need for POTL. The drydown has hints of patchouli, vanilla, myrrh, and almond with bits of rice steam. Plus the price for this is excellent. Couldn't recommend it more.

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Unlisted Brand Amouage - Lyric Woman

Review by auth: This is a qualtiy fragrance which smells divine so it gets 4 lippies but it is not my style . I much prefer Jubilation 25 which is smoother to me. This scent has longevity .

Review by SisleyAus: Like several past reviewers, I'm not usually in love with fragrances dominated by rose, but this isn't just another rose perfume. This is the most utterly gorgeous and feminine fragrance I have ever sniffed. It is rich and soft without being cloying. Spicy, jammy rose with lovely incense. I wish I were more articulate so that I might better convey how beautiful Lyric is.

Review by Vaniessa: This is one of the best quality fragrances I have ever tried. It lasts forever and has great sillage, one spray is enough for at least 24 hours. It's a rich, spicy, oriental rose - so rich that there is almost an oily quality to it. This is the first fragrance I would buy if I won the lottery. The only negative is the pricing, but then - I would rather save up for this than have them compromising on the quality. So beautiful - if you like spicy rose this is a must-try!

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Versace VERSUS Time for pleasure (Red bottle)

Review by didion0312: If you like very sweet and fruity scents, then this one is for you! Time for Pleasure is very youthful, summery and perky. My first impression of it was that it smelled like a strawberry lollipop. Overall it smells tropical and is uplfting.
Personally the bottle doesn't bother me. The color is attractive and the chain can be taken off if so desired. If the 40 price tag is too steep for you (it was for me!) then try looking at TJMaxx and Marshalls. I found mine last night for only 19.99.

Review by funkybabe: This one to me is pretty much your average light fruity scent. Smells like coolaid or tropical punch. It smells pretty good but is very one-dimensional. I sort of wish it had more notes to make it more complex or something. Nice for summer. But it's not strong and doesn't last very long at all.

Review by gogoamy: This scent was a major disappointment. I love the fruity scent (the blackberry and strawberry was very prominant on me), but the scent only lasted 5-10 mins on me. It came across more as a body spray than a perfume. I don't want to have to bother with constantly reapplying. With a bit more staying power, it would be a perfect scent for spring/summer.

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