what is the best fragrance?3 effective fragrance review

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By Sara

what is the best fragrance?Let's see the 3 effective fragrance review!


Prada Prada Amber pour Homme (Prada Man)

Review by lbarnold: I was thinking about buying some cologne for my dad for Father's Day. Based on reviews (both here and on the Sephora site) I thought this might be the one. I went to Sephora and sprayed some on the inside of my elbo so I could smell it off and one for a few hours. At first I really liked it. It is definitely unisex and I could see a woman wearing this. For a little moment I thought I might want to wear it. Sadly, I was really disappointed in the dry down. It's definitely a powdery amber scent but something in the final note reminded me too much of one of my grandfathers who was not a nice man. I think he wore Giorgio for men. Anyway, I had to scrub it off my skin and cross this off my list.

Review by sleepyone: GORGEOUS SCENT! My boyfriend wears this and it smells heavenly! It also has great staying power. I love it so much that I went ahead and bought one for myself.... I just remember not to wear it when I see him! :P But it definitely can be worn by women... so I agree with the previous reviewer in that it can be unisex!

Review by runtagua: I LOVE this scent. unisex, as the other reviewers have described it. It's sexy without being cliche, and i love the inclusion of sandalwood in this.

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Estee Lauder White Linen Body Powder

Review by Keva: Just a lovely and classic scent! My Body powder HG! Goes on light and lasts all day! No need to layer!

Review by AutumnBliss: This is a fresh and softly sparkling perfumed body power in Estee Lauder's White Linen scent. If you like White Linen, you'll like this. It's strongly scented, so you don't need to layer with perfume or lotion. As for the scent, it's a fresh, clear floral reminiscent of cotton sundresses and crisp white sheets. My mother loves it, and she started buying me this powder when I was 16. I'm 33 and I still love it.

Review by mashafromrussia: I've bought it 2-3 times before. This is my HG hot weather product. I don't recall how much, or whether, I like the EDT or EDP but this body powder is fab - application in the am in summer under my bra and around my upper body gives me a clean, lovely scent all day. It isn't too obtrusive, so from time to time I've layered green tea scents over it too. Wonderful in August. I don't wear it in winter, to me this is all about trying to feel crisp on a hot day.

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Caron Montaigne Parfum

Review by Sybil84: This fragrance smelled like Pixie Stiks on my skin initially. It then mellowed but I swear the Pixie Stik smell remained and I couldn't get that candy scent out of my head(or nose). It later developed a musty woody base reminiscient of Fendi's Theorema. This is one odd fragrance overall.

Review by lorrainer07: I adore Caron fragrances, they last well on me and have complex, sometimes even surprising, layers.
The jasmine in Montaigne is very strong on me, but not sickly sweet. It's also slightly spicy - but it has an "artificial" perfume smell to it, which I just can't adjust to, and I try to like it, but I always end up washing it off unhappily after every attempt to wear it.

Review by kitten75: Montaigne is a dark juice with mystery and depth. Notes given are jasmine, bitter orange, coriander, mandarin, cassis, mimosa, mysore sandalwood, benzoin and vanilla. There is little to the top notes as this fragrance goes right into its complex mid notes and stays there. Long lasting on the skin and well blended so nothing jumps out to offend, just womanly and big! I love Caron fragrances because of their complexity and the way the notes flow on the skin. Montaigne is sophisticated and powerful, just my kind of scent. If you are not excited about the influx of fruity floral department store type fragrances, Montaigne may be one to try!

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