what is the best foundation primer?3 top foundation primer

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By Helen

what is the best foundation primer?Let's see the 3 top foundation primer !


Sana Pore Putty

Review by oneofmylies99: This is a review for the blue version that comes in a tube. If you are looking for a product that controls oil, then step away, this is not for you. It is translucent and a bit on the dry side... spreads out evenly and does its job alright when it comes to concealing pores, my pores are fairly big, and pore putty hides it pretty well under most of my foundations. But I need to blot it often during the day because it does nothing for oil control. Once the oil starts seeping through my foundation turns into a mess. So... I can only give it a 3 even though it works so well... for a couple of hours...

Review by bastet: I have the one in the picture, and I have 3 of these. [2 as back-up]
I have heard so much reviews for this product from Asian bloggers. I wouldn't really use it like a primer because it's tinted.
I always take a pea size amount of the product and pat it on with my fingers around my cheeks area to cover up those huge pores. I wouldn't use this all over my face because it looks very patchy and weird. I use it over my homemade primer to conceal pores.
The texture is smooth and creamy. It is easy to blend out but I really think it shouldn't be used all over the face just because it looks stupid. It will be good corrector for those who has slight pink undertones or extreme redness on the face. It does correct redness because of the yellow tint of the product.
I could wear it on its own and just do some concealing and powder my face and I'm good to go.

Review by zhenya: Pore Putty Makeup base (Bottle type)
Use this few days ago and I'm loving it! I have acne and I also have very large pores so mostly my foundation will cake on my face even though I use MAC prep and prime (about 4 hours or so). But this pore putty is something really amaze me especially for hiding those pores and the oil control really helps me alot without fading my makeup look at all! Smooth and well blend. This base should be used with a healthy skin (even using other types of primers or base).

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Everyday Minerals Mint Color Corrector

Review by Carrie: I know a lot of people like this product, but I have tried, really and I cannot get it to work. I have very pale skin with mild rosacea. This product does not cover blemishes, it looks like green powder on a zit. It does not correct redness, it looks like green powder on red skin. It is not my application because I can successfully apply other correctors no problem. I would not buy this again.

Review by Chloeclover: This product did not work well for me. If I used too little, it did not cover the redness and if I used too much, it began to look like green powder. I suspect that it may be my skin tone that is contributing to its ineffectiveness. Although it is meant to be universal and work with all skin colors, I think that this would probably work better for those with fair skin rather than slightly more tanned or olive skin.

Review by pinktulip: The EDM mint colour corrector is a miracle in a jar in many ways, since it really does cancel out any redness in my skin with just a thin application. Problem is that it is very easy to overdo, and because it is so very green it is hard toning that green down again without beginning from the beginning which is why I only give this a four. Other than that tiny problem (countered by mixing it with a bit of your foundation to tone it down) it is a wonderful product but not one I would buy again, because I found sunlight works as well to combat the pinkness in my skin (I don't really have red skin, just a bit pink).
So, to summarise: great if you have redness that needs concealing. Just be careful with how much you apply. Diluting it before application might be a good idea. If you only have a bit of pinkness to tone down, this might be too much for you.

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Amazing Cosmetics Anti-Aging Primer

Review by auth: I'm surprised no one has reviewed this yet. Its probably the best primer I've ever used and its very moisturizing. It makes the face matte, but not overly flat-looking and makeup just glides on.
So why 4 lippies instead of 5? Because I just cannot get over such simple ingredients-silicones, polymers, senna extract and vitamin e-being so expensive. 1 oz is 34, which isn't outside of what most high-end primers cost, but I think those primers are overpriced, too.
However, you only need to use a tiny bit, and of all the primers I have tried, I've liked this one the most, it really is moisturizing. So unless I find something that performs the same or better for less, I will buy this again.

Review by catlover9_9: This is by far the best primer I've used. I have very oily skin and this keeps my skin from getting oily throughout the day. I have to blot maybe twice instead of 5 times. My makeup stays on much better too. A little goes a long way so try not to use too much. The primer is pricey but it's actually a primer and moisturizer in one. Not to mention it's worth it since it makes my mineral makeup look flawless. A definate staple in my makeup/skincare collection.

Review by Olive143: As a professional make-up artist I must say this is my favorite primer so far! One of the things that surprised me most is that my pores definitely look smaller even after I have washed my face. I am impressed with the way my make-up looks through out the day also.

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