what is the best face treatment?3 top face treatments reviews

By Christina

what is the best face treatment?Let's see the 3 top face treatments reviews!


Principal Secret Reclaim Age Braker Line Breaker Serum

Review by pinkiiish: I have been using this product for about 4 weeks now. I have been using the entire line so it is hard to pinpoint the quality of each product. With that being said, I have noticed basically NO change in my skin's appearance during this time. The only slight difference I have noticed is that I use to have a very small dry patch under my eye (smaller than a dime) and it is not very noticeable any longer.
I was hoping for some results from this product after seeing the advertisement and reading the reviews. However, I am left feeling greatly disappointed.
I am just over 40 with fine lines around the eye area and large pores. My skin is mostly oily, with a few dryer patches. I haven't noticed any difference in the size of my pores and the fine lines and wrinkles have shown no improvement either.

Review by lbarnold: I've been using the Line Breaker Serum for 3 months, part of the whole Reclaim line. When I first used it I noticed a dramatic difference in my skin. My skin was dehydrated then, and it really boosted the hydration without being heavy. It's very light and feels great on my skin. It feels like it's good for my skin. I wish I'd taken a picture when I started on the line, but I can say that the overall look of my skin has really improved. I'm happy with the whole line, though my next order I am going to try the Advanced cleanser and moisturizer, because I think I could use more of the vitamins in that line rather than so much of the Argirilene, but I'd definitely get this product again.

Review by Viognier: I am a serum guru and this is one of my faves. It is packed with peptides, antioxidants, and is ultra moisturizing without being greasy. Having oily, acne-prone skin, I hate greasy products that leave a nasty residue. This product does not do that. I found that it decreased my fine lines around my eyes and on my forehead, but more importantly it made my skin look youthful by providing the hydration, even tone, and smaller pore size seen in younger skin. Bonus: it did not make me break out! The only reason I gave it a 4 rating instead of 5 is because the eye serum caused milia to surface under my eye. Because of that I cannot give the reclaim line 5 stars.

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Murad Sleep Reform Serum

Review by Pinki: I rated this serum a 3 because I suspect that it broke me out... but I am not sure~ Since I am in my early 20, breaking out can be due to so so many reasons... but I didn't wanna risk it especially with such an expensive product, I let my mom try it and she loved it, so I just let her keep it.
This serums has an intereting runny-gel texture. When you first put it on, you can feel it working, since it gives your skin a warm, slightly tingling feeling. It didn't have any detectable smell. When I wake up in the morning, I do feel like my skin is firmer, but not neccesaary 'plumper'. I don't really feel that it moisturized my skin, but perhaps I feel like it 'fixed' my skin (if you know what I mean). I fee like it clean out whatever is bad in my skin so it can start off clean.

Review by zhenya: I received this as a sample in the mail. I was just looking in my compact mirror and this product seems to have diminished the crows feet next to my eyes. I also use it in the smile lines, and creases next to my mouth - and I can definitely see a difference. (I'm 43.) It does seem to burn a bit when I apply it but I do have somewhat sensitive skin.

Review by SisleyAus: This may just be a placebo effect, but I swear my skin looks brighter and more radiant from this. It didn't do anything for my fine lines but I'm pretty sure my skin looks smoother and more even-toned. I love how light it is too - very important for my oily skin. I can opt to wear moisturizer over it if my skin still feels dry, but most nights I just put this on by itself and my skin feels great the next morning. I will stick with this...at least until I get bored and want to try another night serum!

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L'Occitane Shea Butter Nail & Cuticle Cream

Review by psychoexgirlfriend: the best cuticle cream I've used so far!! So creamy, softens my cuticle, finger top and toes very well. dry flaks are gone instantly and it just get absorbed in, not greasy at all, just pure soft moisture. I like it so much better than the Burt's Bee's lemon cuticle cream, which only leaves my cuticle soft for about an hour and even dryer later on :P This one leaves my cuticle soft and moist almost all day, even pretty ok after washing hands too. love love this product!

Review by roxiblue: I am an avid user of nail polishes. I use them every week and will only allow my nails to breathe overnight before I start painting them again. I love this one! I use it after removing the polish, rub them in before I sleep. I just love the way it moisturises my nails the next morning.

Review by srobinb: This is a really nice nail/cuticle cream,I use it especially after I have removed artifical nails,as thats when my talons need an extra bit of tlc!My nails are quite soft and brittle, and since I began using this cream I have seen a huge improvement in the overall condition of my nails I would definately repurchase and recommened to a friend.Its a little pricey but soo worth it!

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