what is the best face treatment?3 top face treatment

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By Marcella

what is the best face treatment?Let's see the 3 top face treatment !


Sexy Hair Concepts Silky Sexy Hair Remedy leave-In

Review by GreeneyedGal: I didn't really give this product a chance because it smells AWFUL. Maybe I got a bad bottle or something, but it had such an awful smell (like really strong pot or something) that I washed it out immediately.

If you want to try the styling product in this line, this is the one! I had seriously dried out, straw hair from coloring it a few times (strong bleach, done by and UN professional, then a dye job to fix it, then another color tx two months later) and this stuff seriously left my hair like SILK! for the first time in a LONG time...it felt like I'd never colored it! and my hair shines! I went out straight from my stylist's chair and grabbed some of my own. TRY IT, I LOVE IT!

Review by cloud0204: I got this as a free gift with purchase with the SHC mousse I bought. While I love the mousse for volume, I just thought this was another average leave-in with no stand out properties. I have 10 other in my medicine cabinet just like it.
Not bad, but nothing special here.

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Kose Moisture Skin Repair with Rice Power Extract

Review by shelby1123: Two thumbs up for this product! I've used it as a night cream and this comes in set of 2 - Liquid and Cream form.
I've applied liquid and after the cream. The liquid was absorbed into the skin fast and the cream was rich and a little goes a long way, not too oily or dry.
When i woke up in the morning, my face felt radiance and well hydrated!
Definitely will buy this again!

Review by fitnessa: My HG....can't do without it...my face was so dehydrated previously when I was using all the wrong pdts...2 days of usage of this and my skin condition improved so much! It's so light and watery in texture till it's so friendly to my combi/oily and acne prone skin. Can even use it on the eyes too. Lovely product in conclusion.

Review by Vaniessa: I bought this because I felt my moisturiser wasn't doing a good enough job (yet I didn't want to toss it away and get a new moisturiser). This is a lotion to be applied right after washing your face, before toner.
I would say that if you live in a humid country and do not have dehydrated skin, you wouldn't really need this, but it is good to have nonetheless, for those flakey skin days, or if you're exposed to air-conditioning for long periods of time.
I brought this with me to Spain in May (where it was dry and hot), and it was a life-saver. Everyone else was complaining about dryness, tightness and flakiness, but I didn't have any of these problems. I was passing this product all around! (I also used Laneige's water sleeping pack at night).
I will always bring a bottle of it if I'm going anywhere with dry air...

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Bath and Body Works Pure Simplicity Everlasting Flower serum

Review by biomechmonster: After reading rwgirl2003's review, I run to buy this product and now I have been using for 2-3 months. I would recommend for oily/combo skin type girls, it is very light, not oily at all and it contains a large amount of antioxidant ingredient. Would buy it again :) Good price (15) for high quality product.
BTW: I use it during the summer time and will switch to BBW White Tea Serum during winter time.

Review by kat_25: Love this gel- like cool, clean and fresh smelling moisturizer. I use it on my hands everyday. My only complaint is that the pump doesn't bring out the bottom 1/4 or so of most bottles - and I've used at least 20 bottles thus far. Considering the price, you are losing a lot.

Review by tambien: I really want to like this product... However, it made me break up. (The first product ever, to make my combination skin break out - At first, I thought it was those fried Chickens that I ate)
I didn't notice any changes to my skin within the first 3 weeks of using this product... I like the White Tea Serum better.

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