what is the best face treatment?3 top face treatment reviews

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By Helen

what is the best face treatment?Let's see the 3 top face treatment reviews!


Framesi Biogenol - Ultra-Deep Masque

Review by Pinki: This is an alright mask. It smooths, conditions, gives body but the smell is a mix cheap perfume and burnt plastic. They need to change the smell!

Review by lbarnold: I adore this product. My hairstylist, whom i also adore, advised me to get this product because my highlights are taking a toll on the condition of my hair, making it dried out and brittle. I seriously tried like every deep conditioner out there and didnt think this would be any different. But boy was i wrong. I use this once a week and it makes my hair like silk but with tons of body and shine (doesnt weigh my hair down at all). I leave it on between 5-30 minutes depending on how much time i have and after i style my hair (and use a bit of biosilk) my hair is GORGEOUS!!! Ive gotten so many compliments. This is now a staple to my hair routine. :)

Review by Jaie: this is amazing!!!! my hair went from being very dry to smooth as silk in 10 minutes! its a miracle!

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Barielle Nail Strengthener Cream

Review by suze9_8: ok let me just tell you, from wearing lab gloves all day, my nails get very brittle and wont grow, nail polish strengtheners peel off from the moisture in my gloves, this doesnt, this WORKS! my nails grow quickly, they are a little stronger, as in not brittle, but i am sure if i didnt wear gloves all day they would get much stronger, this smells fine and absorbs quickly, i think the full price is pretty expensive but i bought mine at meijer for 9 bucks, and tjmaxx carries barielle but i couldnt find this. the jar will prob. last forever but if not will be buying again.

Review by blyss: After a rather rough manicure where my natural nails were overbuffed and scuffed terribly, I used this cream to revive my nails. It kept them from breaking and made them stronger. Now that the damage has grown out, I still use this to prevent peeling. I've tried both the tube and the jar versions. The jar formulation is a very rich cream and a little goes a long way. The tube version is more practical and portable but doesn't seem to moisturize the cuticle area as well.

Review by Dimitra: This product didn't do much strenghening my nails at all.
It did however keep my cuticules soft and hydrated.
Other than that...it's not worth the almost 20 for tiny jar...even though it will last for years. Mine did

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Artistry Skin refinishing lotion

Review by Carrie: It's like velvet on your skin,a daily exfoliator uses sugar derivatives,algae and oat proteins not acid,i used this as a primer and my skin feel so smooth and so soft much better than velvet coat from DHC because it's also help the skin texture,firmness,fine lines and safe for sensitive skin

Review by lizbert: Owwhhhh I so LOVE this product.... It gives natural glow and makes my skin smooth... I always mix it with my Artistry sheer foundation for that extra glow... Its just brighten up my face...

Review by psychoexgirlfriend: One of the best skincare product ever!!! I noticed improvements overnight. It really gives your skin a new finish. My skin was previously quite leathery and dry. After using this lotion, the 'leatheriness' is gone and my skin became very soft, smooth and even. I have sensitive skin, but this did not cause me problems at all. The only time I had problems was when I went overboard and used it every single day for more than a week. My skin became very dry. I find that using it twice a week works best.

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