what is the best face treatment?3 recommended face treatment

By Monica

what is the best face treatment?Let's see the 3 recommended face treatment !


Shea Moisture Deep Treatment Masque

Review by mielr: This is a crazy heavy mask..but when you need it, you need it! Lately I've been dying my hair and highlighting it alot and i feel like it has the elasticity of an old hair tie that's at it's breaking point! While this shouldnt be used more than once a week, theres nothing like it..i feel my hair coming back to life.! The price is also good for how much you get and compared to other treamtent masks that don't do anything! 10 at Walgreens at regular price.

Review by miss_mac: I originally purchased this when it was BOGOF at Walgreens, and it is now BOGO50% plus 20% off code so I stocked up on this and other various products from this brand. Sometimes I use this as a deep treatment masque, but daily I use this as a styler to defrizz my hair. I use this generously on the ends of my hair and where ever it may be frizzy.. usually a little past my hair line where I have these random cowlicks that won't grow out. I think this stuff is great. It leaves my hair very soft... If you use too much, it will leave your hair looking oily because it is so rich. This is a trial and error product until you can figure out the right amount for your hair.

Review by shopgirl087: i was on the fence about this product alone. i never really used it as a deep conditioner but as a styler. the scent was heavy and sometimes my hair felt stiff but i recently began using it as a base for the ever popular kimmaytume leave in and that's the winning ticket for me. i like that it's in a jar because i can easily scoop it out and use every last drop. the scent is minimized when the other ingredients are added too it and the oils added make it easier to spread in my hair and that takes the stiffness out. so alone this product is probably a 3-4 for me but as a base for a modified leave in it's a 4-5, hence my rating of a 4. i hope they don't change the formula because now it's perfect for me!

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Unlisted Brand Hollywood Beauty Carrot Creme

Review by lbarnold: Love love love LOVE this stuff!! In fact I have it in my hair right now. With hair as long as mine, I need all the moisture I can get, and this provides me with that. I like putting it on eather before bed, or 30 mins before I take a shower. Works wonders. Comes in a big generous size tub. Its a cream so I just rub my hands together to warm it up so I can distribute it evenly. Melts right into the hair. I love that it doesn't contain any petroleum jelly. I hate that stuff its nasty. Try it, you wont be dissapointed.

Review by bossanovaville: I actually use this product as a all over hair mask. I leave it on overnight and wash it off in the morning. It works well enough

Review by kimmie578: I left this on for about 9 hours. My hair loved it. The smell is not so bad and for the price, fughedabotit! This really helped my dyed and highlighted hair. I would recommend all the ladies out there who have lost their shine and have serious breakage to try this out, you won't regret it.

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Trilogy Booster Capsules with CoQ10 and Tamanu Oil Complex

Review by sophie_tan: Great product!! Brightens my complexion and mositurizers my skin i use this at night time and my skin feels so soft! it also makes the fine lines around my eye area less noticeable quite expensive but the capsules are packed with a lot of oil and last along time.

Review by bklyncowgirl: This is a great product and I love it very much!!There are many pimples and acnes on my face recently.I have a very good skin before.They are makes me crazy.I?ve done a lot to try to purify them.But they were not work.
Up to now,I ues this product about one week.I can see the change on my face clearly.Acnes are reducing and the pimples becomes smaller and No redness and swelling.
I only use this product at night time and Use it after the toner.This produce is easy for absorbing and enough moisture. I can see my face's change every morning.Love it!!

Review by mashafromrussia: LOVE this stuff. My skin drinks it up! It seems to help my skin stay clear and moisturizes without being greasy. I like to cleanse, spritz a bit of toning rosewater on, and then add 7 or so drops of this stuff to my face and neck/chest. Then I add sunscreen and I'm all set for the day! I bought a new bottle of this as soon as I ran out of the first. Definitely will buy again!

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