what is the best face treatment?3 popular face treatment reviews

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By Monica

what is the best face treatment?Let's see the 3 popular face treatment reviews!


Makeup Artist's Choice (MUAC) TCA Peel

Review by suze9_8:
I'd been using their glycolic/lactic products for about 2 months now, in order to prep my skin for the 8% TCA. I applied only one layer and while it did sting, it did nothing for my skin. No peeling at all. I'll naturally use it again until my 8% sample is used up and then I'm going to try the next strength up...I think 12.5%....

Review by andij: I have done this twice now. The first time, it took over a week to start peeling and the full two weeks to stop. The second time, I started to peel on the third day and was mostly done after one week. I fell like its doing a good job because I can acutally see a whole layer of skin flake off. My skin looks smoother, is softer, and has that glowy post-facial look. Did not help with pore appearance or blackheads so i took off one lippie. I will update after my third try if there is anything new.

Review by nishie: this is great. I used the 12.5%. I peeled alot and my skin looked very bright and clear once I stopped peeling. I started to peel 2 days after I did the peel. I peeled for 5 days! I have had peels at my doctors office that I paid 150.00 for and the results are the same. Great product!

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Lisa Hoffman Night and Day

Review by laurilauri: I got a travel sample of this line and am so into it. I was worried it might be too many products at once (there are five for night and five for day) because my skin breaks out with too much going on, but my skin has been perfect! The feel of the day and night moisturizers is really nice, not too thick or heavy. I also agree that the A and C serum is like, kind of magical!

Review by pulidobl: The eye creams from this line are particularly great. I was concerned the one meant for nighttime was a bit thick, but although it's rich, it feels good and leaves the skin around my eyes practically dewy in the morning. And the daytime eye cream is much lighter-feeling, which is good, and defintely helps protects the skin from the elements. Very nice stuff.

Review by GreeneyedGal: Hi, this line is my absolute standby! I love how complete it is, it feels so balanced, which totally shows up on my skin. I have stuck with it about a year now, and lines I was starting to get around my eyes have softened up and haven't gotten worse. Thank goodness! Also smells so pretty, my boyfriend always compliments it!

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Neal's Yard 100 Rosehip Oil

Review by Keva: Of all the oils I have tried ? jojoba, almond, olive, grapeseed, argan, rose beauty oil, this rosehip seed oil is the best. I use it as a moisturiser every other day, or when my skin feels dry. Sometimes I add it to my LUSH Celestial, or Mir moisture lotion. Most often I apply it by pressing it in with my palms. The shine is only temporary, and my skin glows. I find this is brilliant for fine lines and often use it instead of an eye cream, taking care not to get it my eyes. It seems to clear up any irritation. I believe it does have anti-ageing properties; it makes my skin look fresh and young, it heals scars; it hydrates. Retinol helps rejuvenate cells. Basically, it?s a must-have in any beauty-lover?s arsenal, and having worked for Neal?s Yard, I can certify that their products are top quality for the price.

Review by SisleyAus: I generally am a huge fan of oils, so from reviews here I was really excited to try this oil and I generally love Neal's Yard products.
I have given it a 3, because unfortunately after using it a while on my face I started to break out. I do have quite sensitive skin and it doesn't take much for it to break out. However, I use it quite happily on the rest of my body and like the results!

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