what is the best face treatment?3 effective face treatment

By Elena

what is the best face treatment?Let's see the 3 effective face treatment !


Olay Age Defying Daily Renewal Cream

Review by beckibabe: This leaves my skin smooth and glowing. I only use it in the morning, instead of moisturizer, and there are no adverse effects when I combine it with suncreen and makeup. I've never had a bad encounter with an olay product.

Review by ckgurl714: I cannot say that this product ruined my skin but it was very close to that.
Actually, I love products with BHA because my skin is prone to breakouts but not this time. After 1 or 2 weeks of using it, my skin became really bad.. dehydrated and oily at the same time (how that could be?), very sensitive with red patches on my cheeks and a chin. Acne got worse. Awful.
I stopped using the product when I almost finished a jar. What a mistake! I was just waiting for a miracle. I thought that my skin became bad just before getting better.
Anyway, I couldn't use any other product after that. Everything seemed making things only worse.
Thanks to Jojoba oil, my skin is almost recovered now.

Review by quantumkitten: I think this is a really good BHA product and I like it better than my 1% Bha lotion from Paula's choice. That one made me break out for some odd reason, and this does not. This seems like an effective exfoliant and helps keep my skin soft and fresher looking. I use this maybe every other night before I go to sleep and I have experienced no irritaion or breakouts. I'm using the new "intensive" version right now but I've used the original in the past and that was good too although for some reason I like the new formulation better (probably psychological). This product is very reasonably priced for actually producing noticable results.

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Avon Advance Techniques Dry Ends Serum

Review by nemomemo: This product is just ok.
It is like any other no frizz serum, no better, no worse.
However, if you really like this type of product it would be great because it is VERY inexpensive.
The bottle is a decent size as far as hair serums go and it has a lovely smell. I use mine just ocassionally, but once I run out- I dont think I will feel a need to get more. Maybe if it is on sale I will grab some?

Review by funkybabe: I have started using this although I had always been a faithful user of the Silk Therapy by Biosilk. I found this works just as well if not better than the biosilk and it's dirt cheap to boot! It never leaves my hair looking greasy, nor does it weigh it down. I don't care for the smell that much, but it quickly dissipates so that is not a concern. It leaves my dry split ends looking healthy and shiny. I just can't get over how well this performs considering it's price.

Review by AutumnBliss: I use this and my Paul Mitchell serum for my hair. I would have to say while this item doesn't really come close to Paul Mitchell for me, it does it's job well. It's not "heavy" at all and it actually doesn't make my hair seem oily like some serum products too. It smells good also, which doesn't hurt since I obviously don't want my good clean hair smelling funky. I would definitly buy this again, considering the price and how well it does. It's also really great for people with long thick hair like myself.

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Avon Genics

Review by nina: I tried the sample Avon sent to me, and just a few dots I might add, but I do not think it is meant for my older skin! I liked the feel of it and the smell was not offensive, but it burned the heck out of the skin above my brows! I walked around for several days with a bad red, red, red rash! Thank goodness my bangs were almost long enough to cover the rash completely, but it stung for days, and then it was all itchy. I will not be buying this product due to my reaction to it and I could be missing out on a good thing, but there are some things better left alone.

Review by Chloeclover: I had been a faithful user of Paula's Choice 8% glycolic acid gel and Elizabeth Arden Ceremide capsules. But I feel that the Genics cream takes the place of both of those products. I love the texture but wish it came in a tube for hygiene and ingredient integrity. It has not burned me at all, but I had already been using a glycolic acid product. My face is quick to break-out but so far so good. I love the way my skin feels in the morning after using it...soft, silky and rested. I am still alternating a few times a week with my other products and may keep that up...I just want to wait and see. Is Genics worth a try for older combination skin...most definitely.

Review by abrilio: I love this! It is now the only cream that I will use! Other reviewers stated it burns? They must have "sensitive" skin. My rec is for people who have or think they have "sensitive" skin is to try a sample before purchase,as it is,I think,pricey.I tried a sample and it makes my skin smooth,bright and clear! No "burning" here whatsoever!
I will definitely re-order! I'll say it again...."I love this cream"!

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