what is the best face treatment?3 effective face treatment reviews

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what is the best face treatment?Let's see the 3 effective face treatment reviews!


Nick Chavez Cello-Gloss

Review by OutofControl: This is the best of Nick Chavez's products. Its messy to work with, and a pain to have to sit under a dryer but this product does everything it says it will. It leaves your hair super shiny and with tons of volume. The only problem with this is its hard to find, QVC doesn't seem to carry it anymore so the only way for me to get it is through Ebay. If you can find it, try it, it really works.

Review by guitarzan: I love what this does for my hair. Even though it's fine the Cello-Gloss treatment really helps. You put the goo (sorry best word to describe it) on clean damp hair, put on a plastic cap and sit under a dryer or blow dry for 15 minutes. shampoo out and great hair follows. It beautifully controlled my flyaways and put a shine in my hair (very hard to do for a dark blonde!) I keep this in stock at all times now.

Review by Olive143: I bought Cello-gloss and I absolutely love it! It makes my color-treated hair look healthy! It also makes my hair feel soft ..

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The Body Shop Almond Oil Nail and Cuticle Treatment (click pen)

Review by rebec75: I can't rave about this stuff enough!!! It's my new HG product and I wont go anywhere without it. I have severe dry and cracked cuticles and surronding skin. This delish-smelling oil is super moisturizing and after just a couple uses were looking much better and soft to the touch, which has never happened before!! The oil is on the thick side and doesn't run. I am still only on the first pen but I have a feeling this is going to be a lifetime love, they better not discontinue!!

Review by bebejacket: Got this in my stocking. Seem to be working wonders on my very dry, damaged, cracked hands. And it smells really good. It's also full of good ingredients. Btwn this and my Eucerin urea hand cream, my hands have only cracked once this winter!

Review by oneofmylies99: Love it!!! I have very dry and terrible cuticle problem, I tried so many products such as Sally Hanse, Lush....none of them works as good as this treatment from The Body Shop....I often use very bold nail color, I guess my nails got damagd really bad, when I removed my nail polish, everytime, my nails looked so unhealthy, so I had to use color to cover it again...but after 3 days (I used 2-3 times a day), my nails look so much healthier, my cuticle doesnt have any white-ish thick skin anymore...i highly recomment it!!!!

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Unlisted Brand Sudocrem

Review by maribebe: I've had a couple of months of breakouts due to school/work/life stress and eating crap. My flatmates, who both have perfect skin, recommended trying this and it's great! It doesn't make everything disappear overnight, but I layer it on over my spot cream and it makes everything so much better in the morning...and I know it's good for skin. I haven't seen it in America, but there's probably something comparable out there I would imagine. Much better than drying acne creams that just make everything look worse before it gets better.

Review by kimmie578: Brilliant product ! Other spot treatments ive tried do dry out the spot but leave me with a sore cracked area that stays red as they are too harsh.
This dries the spot out and heals all in one but is not drying at all, as other reviewers have said I use at night it either stops emerging spots in their tracks or gets rid of and heals existing spots usually within two nights at the most.
Wouldnt bother trying anything else now a cheap product that actually works and has other uses too !

Review by omegakitty: Bought this to dry out the zits. Found it on ebay and had it shipped for the UK. The ingredients (all the benzoyls) looked so promising. Well, I tried it for 2 weeks with no effect. My zits weren't shrinking, but they weren't getting worse either. I dunno...

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