what is the best face treatment?3 easy to use face treatment reviews

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By Elena

what is the best face treatment?Let's see the 3 easy to use face treatment reviews!


Kerastase Voile Nuit

Review by IiIy: Excellent product. I have dry hair damaged from extensions and bleaching. I bought this one for fine hair, as its a spray liquid (whereas the thick hair one is a cream). This is great, soaks in, feels bit gunky but when washed the next morning my hair was like silk. I couldnt believe how soft my hair felt. Will be buying regularly!.Once or twice a week spritz on a little every night before bed! I do recommend this product BUT is nothing MUST have.There is not much exept great softner.

Review by AutumnBliss: This product is excellent! It does exaclty what it claims!
I have used it on both dry and wet hair. I spray it on at night and by the morning my hair is silky soft and so very shiny! I love it..
It does not weigh it down or make it oily.
Another great product I'd recommend would be the "elvive night elixir with royal jelly"
That comes in a milky cream and is used exaclty like this product..
It gives lots of body and shine and makes hair soft.. It is a bargain at only 10 au. I like the kerastase product slightly better though. The elvive one has a sweet smell that I find offensive.. but overall a great product.
My hair type: long and highlighted (no bleach) Good condition, no frizz. Tends to get flat at the roots.. tends to get weighed down and oily with most products. I bought the one for fine hair.

Review by Alexis: This is a great product. I've only used this a couple of times and i can see improvements. the first time i used it i sprayed it on to my roots so it made my hair feel gunky and heavy. if used properly, this is the best product for your hair, like your very own hair spa, everyday!
Totally love the packaging and the scent. Worth every penny.

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Lancaster 365 Cellular Elixir Serum

Review by kerroppifreak: an excellent product! brightens the skin and brings radiance almost immediately after applying!!! my skin looks healthy and glowing just like i've been sleeping a good 10hours straight! lancaster lab did a great job with combining all the anti-oxidants that skin needs and also can absorb. it;s oil free and and skin drinks it up in a matter of seconds! i took off 1 lippy because it;s pricey (86 euros) and i really believe a product like this should be worn by all women all time round!

Review by ninanina: I have been used this product for more than 3 months. My fine lines reduced and skin tone become even. this product works great on me.

Review by funkybabe: Absolutely AMAZING serum!! This product does what all the others say that they do- deliver clearer, brighter, silkier skin without any irritation. My super sensitive skin didn't react (I am using the regular formula, although there is a sensitive version that I have not tried yet) and it was the only product that I could use- besides Cetaphyl cleanser- during chemotherapy that didn't burn. The results I got from this were almost instant and it keeps getting better! The only complaint I have is that if you don't tighten the cap really tight, the eyedropper in it gets sort of thick and clogged up -- so just make sure you keep it on tight and you won't be disappointed.

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Astara Antioxident Infusion

Review by moth: A great product and effective agains the signs of pre-mature aging. As with all Astar products, the spoilage rate is quick (keep in refrigerator if you can.), so use it quickly.
Expensive, too, but worth it.

Review by Jaie: I like Astara Antioxidant Infusion quite a lot. It's light and absorbs fast. I have normal-to-dry skin. In summer, it can serve as a light moisturizer; in winter, I use it before applying my moisturizer. Either way this product feels good on my skin. The only thing I hope to change is its packaging. The product comes in a jar... it really should've come in a tube or a bottle with a pump. To prevent it from being spoiled too soon, I store the jar in my fridge though. Works well.

Review by liselise1: LOVE THIS!!!! When I overdo it on my face using my Sage 70% peel too often or when I leave it on too long, this is what I use on top of my SkinBio Copper Serum to add moisture and help calm the redness. Does have a strong frankincense scent and it is pricey at about 72 for 2.2 oz, but one jar lasts a long time with semi-regular use. It is not a miracle product but it doesn't cause pimples or blackheads and it adds moisture without giving me the oilies. This is the only moisturizer I own, though I think technically Astara considers it a treatment product. Worth asking for samples from WTF, BeautyHabit and the like, that's how I got hooked.

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