what is the best face toner?3 popular face toner

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what is the best face toner?Let's see the 3 popular face toner !


Exuviance Moisture Balance Toner

Review by ckgurl714: My mother works for Neostrata (Exuviance) so I have free access to many of their products. All of their products are quite nice, but I especially love this toner. It is a light pink color with a delicious smell that I adore. The toner balances your skin pH and it deep cleans without stripping your skin of moisture. Whenever I use this product, my skin improves drastically. I highly recommend this product! HG!

Review by ZoSo: Love this stuff! It removes makeup nicely, doesn't strip the skin's natural oils and hydrates. It's very soothing and gentle. I also love that you get a lot of product. Neostrata's products are amazing, the prices are great and the products are quality!

Review by Pinki: Before I even put this on my face, I noticed its plasticky, artificial and unpleasant (to me) smell. I probably should have stopped right there, but I went ahead and tried it. Even if I could have gotten past the smell, it stung my sensitive skin and left my face dry and irritated all over.

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Shu Uemura Depsea Moisture Replenishing Lotion

Review by Carrie: Overall a good toner, the only annoying part is the pump, it doesn't seem to 'jump' up automatically like other pump-using skincare. Don't get me wrong, I never repeat my skincare, would want to try as many different ones as possible.

Review by peachy905: I LOVE this. I've been using Clinique's toner for years but I tried this and fell in love. It's getting hotter and I hate how my Clinique moisturizer feels heavy on my skin, so I only use this lotion and it's amazingly fresh and moisturizing at the same time! The pump is awesome as well, it's a big thing that I don't waste any because this stuff is expensive! But I will definitely repurchase. It's too good to resist.

Review by JT14: This is the best toner I've tried so far. It's light enough for my combination skin and feels very fresh when applied. And yet has moisturising properties as well. It doesn't make my skin feel tight at all. Shu Uemura products admittedly is rather pricey but the packaging is simple and nice and you don't need a lot of the product at all.

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Johnson & Johnson pH 5.5 Skin Refreshing Toner

Review by lbarnold: leaves the skin feeling refreshed but when i started using it, i noticed my skin start to get lighter.

Review by askewchick: Makes skin feel refreshed and clean, but most of all soft and comfortable because it contains oil. I loved and still love the Johnson's pH 5.5 Facial Care range. The lid is a bit worrying because it comes off easily, therefore is not suitable for traveling.

Review by Suzy_h: Wow...
This stuff reminds me of when I was little.
My mother always used it and I remember that she would go CRAZY for it. I think she had her own stock somewhere in a cool dark room.
I used it when I was a bit younger too and it's the best toner I have ever used to date. Apparently my mother agrees because she is nodding fervently behind me right now.
The only thin is that we usedthe European formula... most European formulas are superior to the North American ones so I'm not sure how good it is here. But overall it's a great product.

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