what is the best face moisturizer?3 recommended face moisturizer reviews

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By Stella

what is the best face moisturizer?Let's see the 3 recommended face moisturizer reviews!


MD Formulations Moisture Defense Antioxidant Cream

Review by lbarnold: I have used the MD cleanser and continuous renewal a lot, but just recently needed a new cream and this is good so far (1 week in). I had a bunch of peeling skin on my nose and chin after using Retin-A for a while and this got rid of it completely in 1 night (in combination with continuous renewal) I don't think it's too heavy and it spreads nicely over my face, I use just a little. The smell is ok, the packaging (jar) is probably unsanitary but I don't mind, I just washed my face...my hands are clean! I will have to update on this one... seems great though!

Review by GonnaBeARockStar: This is a great moisturizer. I was really impressed with the tiny amount I needed to instantly awaken my face and make it not look so dry and sore. this did not break out my acne prone skin nor did it leave me looking greasy. My only problem is the scent. This is one of the weirdest scents I have ever found in a skincare product. I am sensitive to smells and this is just one of those that ruins the whole product. Personally if this was a different scent this would be a keeper and yes I would purchase it. Really for me the scent is the only issue.

Review by amystar: This is superbly hydrating, it almost feels as if my cheeks have been injected with water. It works very well with the Continuous Renewal Complex AHA Cream. It's a great source of antioxidents and my skin feels 'glowy' all day when I use it. It has no fragrance that I can discern and I've had no breakouts or irritation.
The cons are that it's in a jar and very expensive - £48 for 50ml in the UK. I intend to try out some cheaper alternatives so hopefully won't buy again!

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Olay Moisturizing Lotion in Classic Scent

Review by Angeline: so i really love this ! i have oily skin and am recovering (slowly grrr) from acne ,this lotion is lovely its pretty pink and has a nice fragrance i thought the fragrance my irritate my skin but it doesnt at all.it sinks in and leaves my skin very soft and at the same time gives my skin a nice glow and makes it look super healthy also it doesnt break me out at all !!!!wahoo.yea i love this stuff will defenitely repurchase ,plus its super duper cheap !!

Review by Farra: an incredible drugstore moisturizer. very simple and light, moisturizes without feeling too heavy. good price. my favorite drugstore lotion definately.

Review by mz654: This product is very nice on my skin. The only complaint is that it feels a bit watery, but it goes on smooth and keeps me moisturized all throughout the day. It has a bit of a medical lotion scent, but that fades away once you rub it in. It was very cheap in comparison to other Olay (or any name brand) face moisturizer, and it does everything it needs to do. I've had a tiny bottle since August and I still have 1/3 of it left. I usually use enough to cover a finger per day. Cheap, effective, useful. No bells and whistles, but I don't need that so I rate it well.

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Urban Decay Guardian Angel Moisturizer

Review by kerroppifreak: This stuff is beautiful - perfect consistency, and makes your skin feel so soft without being oily.
I have both the normal and oil-free, but they both feel the same to me.. but perhaps because I have normal skin? either way, mad rave for this!

Review by angelchan: I bought the oil-free version and while it does have SPF and a nice velvety, matte finish, it caused mild breakouts. It is not moisturizing enough for my combination skin as I had dry patches after a couple hours.

Review by srobinb: This stuff is great! My skin will use any excuse to break out, and I am happy to report that I have been using this (in the oil-free version) all summer, breakout-free! It's wonderfully light, absorbs immediately, and has an SPF 15. Just about every other high-end SPF breaks me out, so this is a real find, especially considering the price! For the winter, it may not be moisturizing enough, so perhaps I'll try the other one then.

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