what is the best face cleanser?3 effective face cleanser

By Helen

what is the best face cleanser?Let's see the 3 effective face cleanser !


The Body Shop Tea Tree Oil Soap

Review by andij: I can see how this soap would work well for those with acne-prone skin, but since I have dry skin, it did not work for me!!! I got it for my birthday with a few other tea tree oil products and out of the bunch, the soap was my least favourite. My face is somewhat oily and breakout-prone so the face washes work very well for me, but the tea tree oil soap just stripped my skin of all its moisture. In order to use it up I washed with it after the gym because it does give a nice clean feeling and it feels like a heavy-duty cleanser. However, I prefer to use body washes as an everyday body cleanser because soaps are just too drying.

Review by diachu21: this is great soap! it's a bar meant for oily skin--hence the tea tree oil. it has been great for me so far--not causing any breakouts or extra oiliness and my face feels super clean and fresh after using it! plus, the bar is a really pretty green color, so it looks nice in the bathroom :) it isn't too expensive and lasts a while in my opinion--it doesnt take much to create a nice lather!
love it! :)

Review by Loriwong: I love this soap. I have suffered from back and chest acne for the past year, and although some of the cleansers I tried (antibacterial and benzoyl peroxide) kept me from getting future breakouts, they didn't fully clear up the problem. After using this soap for two weeks I am completely clear (plus, I don't have to worry about bleaching out my towels). I also find that this soap isn't as drying as other antibacterial cleansers. It's also fairly inexpensive. Will repurchase.

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Yves Rocher Pure Calmille Cleansing Gel

Review by Lyssa2676: I really like this product. I have been using it for about two years now. It doesn't dry the skin. It's not expensive, especially when it's 2 for 1 or 1/2 price. It's great for removing makeup. Just use an eye makeup remover for the eyes after because it leaves a little bit of mascara behind (for me anyways b/c I use eyeliner and volume mascara).

Review by vengland: After trying several products I've been using this cleanser for years.
Pros: really clear skin, no make-up left, the bottle lasts a long time, cheeeeap, doesn't irritate your skin at all, doesn't overdry it, just that fresh and clean feeling.
Cons: mmm... none!
I'm sure I'll go on using this cleanser so I really recommend it to anyone, even with problematic, oily, or combination skin.

Review by iberian: This cleanser was a nice surprise for me. I was hunting for a gentle watersoluble cleanser and stumbled upon this one. I never really liked any Yves Rocher product well enough to repurchase but this is an exception.
It lathers to a nice gelly like foam that glides smoothly over my face. It cleans without stripping and my face always feels soft afterwards. It hasn't irritated or dried my sensitive and acneprone skin.

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Nuxe Botanical Cleansing Milk

Review by Alexis: My skin is very sensitive, dry-ish and acne prone all in one, and this really helps me a lot. It's very soft, mild and does not leave my skin all tight and itching, like my anti-acne cleansers would when i was into that kind of cleansers.
It's not great for removing make-up, i useually have to wash twice when i have mascara/eyeshadow etc. but since i don't wear a lot of make-up i don't mind.
I bought my bottle two months ago, and after using it am and pm since, there's still like one third left in there, so it lasts for ages.
I would recommend this to anyone with a sensitive skin that needs something soothing and creamy to stay calm.
Plus, i love love love the smell. Mmmm...flowers!

Review by mz654: Very very very good:)))

Review by Leelee57: I actually look forward to cleansing my face with this every evening. The texture is great for a quick, pampering massage and the scent of orange blossom and mimosa is just heavenly. I use it around my eyes without any irritation and it leaves my skin feeling fresh, clean and hydrated. I am very impressed and will try more Nuxe products.

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